i lost a reader

ouch. i know that the feed reader number goes up and down from day to day but since im a complete noob i haven’t personally experience what it feels like to lose one of my precious readers. what have i done wrong? whatever it is i’ll make it right baby. I can change. im sorry.

that was my adam sandler bit from SNL the denise show. i miss the old SNL cast with sandler and farley.

im beginning to feel how hard it is to keep posting onto my blog. i made a promise to myself to post once a day and will stick with it. i have major respect for people who blog everyday. im not talking about the john chows or the probloggers out there. im talking about the little guys. the joe nobodies. the blogger noobs. The big guys don’t even write most of the posts on the site. they just cash checks. but we all aspire to become like that. we are a generation of cash worshippers. we respect and treat people with money better then the noble working man. we want the fast dollar. we want the instant success.

we don’t want to be smarter. we want to work harder. we want to have others do the work for us wo we can sit back with a laptop in a corona ad. we don’t value creativity or wisedom or originality. its sad sometimes to see how superficial our species is becoming.

ok enough of that and on to the contradiction. You can make money online by following my simple rules. how you ask? i don’t know exactly yet but if you stayed tuned i will get you some answers. and i will document what works and i’ll warn you of the scams. im not trying to make thousands. im playing lowball right now. i want to make 10 bucks. i’ll help you make 10 bucks too.

i will leave you with this quote that sums up the mentality of America’s youths. “Don’t worry if i write rhymes, i write checks” gold star to whomever can name the author of that quote.

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