I made $221.29

ppp1129.jpgOut of all the paid posting sites, payperpost is by far the best for me. It features the most job opportunities and it’s the one that people are most willing to join. I started writing for payperpost on Nov 4th. That’s when i wrote about payperpost for $20 dollars. That’s the first posting gig available. Posting opportunities started coming in around Nov 20th. So for about 9 days i’ve been writing as many as i could for my $100 challenge. So far i’ve made $221.29 with them. $131.29 for posting and $90.00 in referrals. If you haven’t joined payperpost, you’re missing out on some easy money.

7 thoughts on “I made $221.29

  1. Kenneth

    Great achievement Pal, you shouldn’t named as noob anymore.

    Anyway, I quit payperpost as well as all other sponsor review network because it hurts my pagerank *OUCH*. I’ve been slapped to a darn 0/10.

    The good things for blogging beginner is that you can get tons of cash from sponsor review without worrying your rank. And because of most of the bloggers quited, opportunities left open wild for more bloggers in certain level.

  2. webduck

    Hi there! Thanks for adding me to your Blog Catalog list of friends. I have been writing ads for PayPerPost since Jan. 12th and have made $1441 this year. Not a bundle, but it has paid for a couple vacations. Good luck to you!

  3. Nessa

    Wow! That’s a lot of $. I’ve been a postie for 3 months now and so far I’ve made almost $100. I never seem to get those big bucks:(

    The only thing about PPP is that they only give you 6 hours to do your assignment. Blogsvertise gives you 5 days, payment is the same as PPP. I think the best has to be Smorty. They pay on a weekly basis!

    Good luck with your paid postings… when you hit the million bucks, don’t forget me:D

  4. the noob Post author

    Kenneth- I’m still very much a noob. But thanks for the compliment. A lot of blogs have suffered cause of google and ppp, but not having a pagerank has actually helped me in that dept.

    Vic grace- most definately you should.

    cindy- no problem cindy. let me know how it goes for you.

    webduck- $1441 is not too shabby. Where did you go for vacation?

    sueblimely- My blog is only a month old so i didn’t have a PR to begin with. The way i figure, i have multiple blogs so, i’ll keep one blog without paid posting and this one i’ll monetize the shit out of it with paid posting. Pardon my French.

    nessa- i never get the big bucks either. just around 5 dollars. A few at 10 dollars. Yeah the time constraint sucks but ppp is the most active. Other smaller sites don’t have much gigs. I like smorty too. wish they had more posting opportunities.

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