I made more in referrals then paid posting

pppagain.jpgI just checked my payperpost stats and found that i made more with the referrals then my actually paid posting. I think i was able to do this cause i show the earnings potential of PPP in my posts. Just having your 125×125 link won’t get you any clicks. You have to keep pushing it to the people that visit your blog. Obviously a great way to get someone’s attention is by flashing $ signs on the post and title. You will have to back it up with some concrete info for them to want to click. I just show them how much i made in the form of a screenshot. I couldn’t fit all of the referral in the pick cause but there is one more referral not included in the screenshot.

Payperpost requires that your site is at least 3 months old. I was lucky enough to have set up the blog back in July. I started posting in late October but since i had one post in July i qualified.

I made $165.00 in referrals and $142.79 in posts. That’s a total of $307.79 from payperpost.

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  1. allyn paul

    I was rejected by PPP because they said my site is not being indexed by the search engines. I actually think the problem is that I am on a free blogger platform.
    I am going to join PPP (through you of course) when I move over to my domain on WordPress here real soon.
    I’d be interested in browsing some of their advertisers prior to see if my niche will match up.
    PS–and “no” my niche is more than just “bitching and complaining” LOL

  2. bloggernoob

    kenneth- hopefully i don’t 😉

    allyn- i think, you can look to other ways to monetize, and later, sign up for them. Only thing is, paid plugs sometimes hurts your blog.

    justchris- hopefully you made some nice change with them now

    joe- ur blog?

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  10. Colin

    I have lots of referrals but all still pending none of them have yet had their blogs approved and then submitted a paid post. So the actual figure given is not true.

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  14. Jared Stenzel

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  26. Scott

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  31. dess

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