I was scammed 37 times

scam37.jpgThis ad is just as popular as the beach bum makes over $200,000 from laptop ads. I’ve seen this long before i ever thought about starting a blog. I remember clicking to see what it was and being disappointed. I checked the ads out again and found that it’s your typical sell you something landing page. It has big letter with attention getting keywords. The premise with this product/service is that you don’t have to get scammed. Basically this ad tells you to steer clear of all of these scams except two. Cause you have to still push something to make any money. I’m not sure if they are making money from an affiliate or by selling ebooks but it’s basically the same thing. One guy is profiting bigtime with this, and the monkeys that signed up or bought it, are trying to get other suckers to cover their costs. This is a scam disguised as a valuable anti scam guide. If you’re smart, you’ll probably research and the minute they ask for any type of payment from you, you’ll leave.

5 thoughts on “I was scammed 37 times

  1. Wynn Currie

    Benn there done that and so far so good. As soon see I see anything that looks like a billing station I’m gone. I figure if they made all that money they aren’t going to take the time to teach me, only the time to scam what they con out of me. Bye Bye I say.

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