I will buy your entrecard credits

entrecredits.jpgThe noob is doing a little entrecard experiment. I did an entrecard challenge not so long ago. I don’t have the time to drop cards like a lunatic, but i do want to continually get traffic from entrecard. So what’s a noob to do? The noob will buy entrecard credits from you. That’s right, i will buy your entrecard credits.

I’ve been doing a little researching and i found that the value of entrecard credits are around 5 dollars for every 1000 credits. I think that’s a little under the buy it now price over at ebay. (buy it now price for 1000 entrecredits is $6.50)

As long as entrecard’s server doesn’t crash, i think it’s a site with real potential. If they could get the load time up a bit, i think the site is great for traffic. So i’ve decided that i want to buy some credits and use it to mass advertise my entrecard. This will get me back on the most popular list and hopefully i can stay there. That in turn will get me a higher daily rate. Basically, i’m taking my advertising budget and instead of using it on private ads, i’m purchasing entrecard ads. In my experience, entrecard ads are way better then buying private ads on a small or medium blog. I’ve received very few clicks from private ads i placed on small blogs. I guess that’s why it’s hard for newbie bloggers to sell any private ad space. Cause it’s a waste of money.

Why do we buy ads? You place an ad to get traffic to your site right.? Regular 125×125 ads won’t get many clicks. But an entrecard ad will. That’s because there are a lot of entrecard maniacs that chain drop. The visits from entrecard aren’t quality hits but they are hits. That’s important. It will get your alexa up. It’ll get your daily uniques up. Increase in traffic can help you sell private ads. See where i’m going with this?

In my experiment, i will see how far i can get up on the most popular list without doing any card dropping. Entrecard ad rates are calculated by the number of drops you receive on your blog. I think they take the average of 5 days worth of drops on your blog and time it by 2. So all i need to do is get people to my blog and drop their card. I think placing entrecard ads on popular blogs will do it. No need to spend a lot of time dropping cards. I’ve already bought around 5000 entrecredits on ebay but i’m looking for more. If you have some entrecard credits you want to sell, let me know in my comments below. I will buy 1000 entrecredits for 5 dollars.

70 thoughts on “I will buy your entrecard credits

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  2. Lauren

    I have some spare credits that I’m looking to sell. Currently have 1000, aim to earn at least that on a weekly basis if you wish to continue buying up ads. Not interested in placing ads myself so they will all be going spare.

  3. Tommy

    Yo Noob…I don’t get too excited about things so I don’t have many, but I’ll gladly GIVE EM to ya…I think there’s a way to do that. I don’t ask for anything but a memory of the gesture…Perhaps some day I’ll need help aye?


  4. Collin LaHay

    If I hadn’t just donated 1750 for a friend’s contest I would have sold them to you… oh well! Best of luck with your entrecard campaigns.

  5. the noob Post author

    jackie- you should probably use them to place some ads. it’ll get you traffic.

    tommy- thanks tommy. i received the credits you sent me. i really appreciate it. yeah it’s the thought that counts. :)

    erz- ok i’ll buy from you. i’ll email you

    collin lahay- :) thanks collin.

  6. the noob Post author

    jackie- yup. only difference is that the ad only runs for one day. but if you place the right ad on the right blog, you could get over a hundred hits that day. placing a private ad on a small blog for 10 bucks will probably only get you 100 in one month. that’s if the blog has traffic.

  7. ThinkBlogger

    I guess its a good thing that Entrecard is coming out with a credit to cash (and vice versa) exchange system right on the site. As soon as its open you should be able to do it directly from entrecard.com and not have to look around for credits 😉 I’d sell you mine, but I doing the same thing. lol.

  8. the noob Post author

    thinkblogger- that’s cool that they are coming up with a lot of new functions. my only problem with that is, they should focus first on getting the site to load. i get errors all the time. who cares about new functions when the site won’t load.

    kex- did you read my post? i’m buying them for 5 dolalrs. why would i pay 3 dollars over per thousand? :)

    jay- nice offer jay. but i’ve been flooded with too many sell offers. i will have to pass for now. i’ll hit you up later and if you still have some credits left.

    jason- thanks for the link jason

    dale- dale i’ll get back to you. i didn’t expect so many people would sell to me.

  9. haziri

    Hi noob.
    I like this entry, not just for the selling part but the experiment part. I already subscribe to this blog.

    I have around 4000ec. Contact me if you need them. I can accept $4.5 per 1000ec.

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  11. Jan Alvin

    Bloggernoob, I have 2000 EC credits and I need money to but my own Bluehost wordpress hosting. I would like to sell my EC credits to you. Just contact me in my email if you want to, and we can talk about the details further.

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  13. Typhoon

    Hey!BloggerNoob You can buy from me at cheap rates

    World’s Best Entrecard Credits Store

    Pack 1: 1000 ec = $2.25

    Pack 2: 2000 ec + a lifetime link back to your blog in this post = $4.25 (savings- 5%)

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  14. Dendy

    I have a lot of credits, just say how much you want? I’ll send to you.

    Feel free to message me to get the best price


  15. the noob Post author

    I currently buy entrecard credits for $2/thousand. If you can beat this price, leave me a comment and i will buy from you. Cheers!

  16. Pahn

    oh,, this post is 2008,, I wonder if you still buy EC.. what’s your best deal… I am planning to sell my EC for cash… I hope you can email me if you still do from what I use in this comment… If not anymore, I am going to look for another buyer.. cheers^^

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