I wish my future son will be like John Jordan

pac.jpgKids nowadays are smarter, stronger, and hi tech. The video games i played consisted of a circular yellow face gobbling up dots while being chased by ghosts. Well it wasn’t that simple. When you ate the big dot you could eat the ghosts. Oh yeah, there was a buffet of giant fruit too.

The video games they have now are filled with 3D graphics and analog controls. Flight simulators that are more advanced then the ones NASA used 15 years ago. You can play with other people via internet connection, and voice chat while you play. It’s an amazing world now.

Money is changing too. The way business is done is switching over to the virutal world. There is great opportunity here on the net and because of the last internet boom/bust, it’s become a safer investment.

The job market will stay the same. People will work and live according to their means. Work hard at your job and you’ll get a 5-10% raise and you get afford to pay a higher mortgage, and get upgrade your car lease. If you want to be brave and take a risk, you can set up your own internet business. Its a scary thought. Its hard to learn because it’s so complex. PHP, CSS, Mysql, MsSql, html, xml, rss…..

The secret is that you don’t have to become an expert of anything. Just get started and learn enough so that when you hire someone you know what they are talking about. Ideas are still king.

After i started this blog i learned a lot about how the web works. I’m still a novice but i feel comfortable with different terms and i now have a general understanding of the structures of a website. I know how it functions. Thats all you need to know.

Before i started i was skeptical about making money. I’ve received a few checks now and i feel confident that money really can be made on the internet. Its hard to fathom how a click can make you money but once you receive a check it becomes real. My advice to beginners is this. Get started and don’t give up until you receive your first check.

I came across John Jordan’s blog by jumping around other peoples blogs. I read one of his posts and found it to be good so i clicked to his abouts page. I was surprised to discover who the author of the blog was. You guys should check it out. It was motivational and a well written abouts page. This is how an abouts page should be.

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