iadd.net review

I came across a new webmasters directory. Directory submissions are important because they offer links and a way for people to access your website. Big directories like dmoz and yahoo are great but it’s important to submit to the smaller ones as well. From the look of things, iadd looks like a promising site. It’s brand new so they don’t have a large collection of links yet. The design of iadd is very clean and functional. The new listings and hot listings sections make it easy to navigate the website. The great thing about joining a new directory is that your site will be accepted. You won’t get rejected and when the directory grows so will the value of the link. I just submitted my blog and found the submission process to be a little difficult. There wasn’t a marker to indicate what are required fields. I had to fill in the form 3 times before i got it right. I noticed that there are payment options for the listing. I would shy away from even featuring the payment section until the site has grown. Market the site as a free directory and after you get to a pagerank of 3 or so then you can open up the pay section.

Overall the site is has a nice clean design and the navigation of the site is easy to follow. I would recommend putting an * or highlighting the required fields in the submit form.