If you build it, they will click

field_of_dreams.jpgTriviaQuote-“is this heaven…not it’s the internet” I very happy about the little clever wordplay which is my title. Obviously the title is refering to the famous Costner movie “Field of Dreams.” Well i really think blogging is like that. Its crazy and most people don’t understand except other crazy people(other bloggers). I haven’t told anyone except a few friends that i started this blog. Why? Because i think its crazy and i’m sure most of my offline friends will too. The idea of making money with a blog is still fairly new. I know a lot of news papers and magazines have picked up the story but aside from big deals like engadget and etc…its not really something that regular people venture into.

Why is it crazy?

Most businesses require you to invest a lot of capital to even get things rolling. The idea that you can generate income by investing next to nothing is unfathmable to the general concensus. Its really like making a baseball field out in the middle of nowhere.

BloggerNoob is not even a month old yet but amazing enough, people actually read what i write. I’m a complete noobie but still new visitors come to my site. I am averaging around 50-70 uniques a day now. Income is no where near passive but when i put time into it, i manage to pull off at least 5 bucks.

I have a few friends that run their own business. These retail operations cost a lot of money to start. It’s amazing how easy it is for people to risk that much capital when they are not willing to put even a hundred dollars into a website. A blog cost even less. The way i see, people are scared of the change. I haven’t made any real money with any of my websites yet, but my next large investment will definately be a web based business. Instead of risking $50-100k on a tiny retail shop, i would rather invest 5 thousand on a website with a professional design and some light advertisements.

My main goal with this blog is to learn. I don’t expect to turn this blog into a johnchow. I just want to learn as much as possible and convince myself everyday that i can make money with the internet. That’s not crazy is it?

One thought on “If you build it, they will click

  1. Lucy Lastic

    ‘Crazy’ is when you think you know it all and no longer want to learn. Or when you make epic four-hour long films like Kevin Costner and think people can sit through all of them :)

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