If you never get banned, you’re doing something wrong

banned.jpgI’ve been banned by google adsense. This happened to me right after i started this blog. I got banned cause i clicked on my own ads. I did it to see how it works. I did so i could understand how clicks and commissions are processed. My mistake was that i signed in right after i clicked. If i clicked from a different computer/internet connection, i might still be wasting my time with adsense. I’m glad i got banned from google adsense. I think if you never get banned, you’re doing something wrong.

I get emails from bloggers every day. Most of the emails request information or suggestions. I try to be helpful, but what i really want to say is this. “Try it out. Tweak it. Try to game it. Try to understand it.” When you do these things, you get a better understanding of how money is made online. You have to personally experience it in order to actually do. I think most bloggers can’t monetize cause they try to copy what other bloggers have done. This won’t work. You have to be bold. Try to game the system. If you violated their TOS, who gives a shit. Dust off your hands and find another affiliate site. Or go with a different ppc site. If you get banned from payperpost, go with sponsored. And vice versa.

Getting banned from an ad program should be welcomed. It means that you were trying things out with it. It shows that you are trying to monetize your blog. The bloggers who just slap on the links, never make any money. See how far you can go with that ad program. Buy things using your own affiliate link. Sign yourself up for those lead commissions. Try it multiple times. See what you can get away with. If you’re not willing to be daring with monetization, you’ll probably find that it’s hard to make money. If you violate the TOS or your account is suspended, then move on to the next ad program. You will have learned something. Don’t be scared about getting banned. This is the internet, for every ad program, there are dozens just like it. Think like a cat. If you mess up, you have 9 lives to work with. Keep pushing the limits until you get it right.

Instead of seeking answers from other bloggers, why not try to find the answers yourself? Is it that hard to try out a new ad program.

20 thoughts on “If you never get banned, you’re doing something wrong

  1. brian

    Thanks for posting these suggestions. This is one of the few blogs out here about making money blogging that I have actually stopped to read. Good luck… And thanks again.

  2. Agent 001

    Well good.I do not think the true reason you got banned is what you stated.Well your idea of experimenting is good.I think I can give a try.

  3. Bill

    No offense Noob…but this might be the worst advice you ever gave.

    I agree with stretching the rules but actively gaming the system to the point of being banned from all of these programs is not good advice in my opinion.

    I do agree that Adsense sucks though so no big loss there.

  4. Jared Stenzel

    I don’t like adsense. It’s terrible. I clicked my ad from a computer that’s got a different IP as it’s not at my home, and it credited the click, but I didn’t earn for it so I dropped the program.

    If you were writing this out of reference to my comment yesterday, I was referring to why you gave up on page rank, but this works :)

  5. Debo Hobo

    Google PPC is not paying off any thing but pennies however I don’t think getting banned from programs is a good thing either.

    But a good point is not to put all your monetizing eggs in one basket.

  6. Cassie

    I got banned from adsense as well as my friend. I didn’t even click on my own ads and they refused to explain the reason why to either of us. I’m glad it’s gone too. I think it sucks!!

  7. charlotte

    I am still in the phase of trying.
    I earned 56$ with adsense in 6 months, and I don’t have a clue how i did it, I can’t track it!
    Anyway, probably time to move on, yes.

    Tnx for the advice!

  8. Teasas Tips

    Noob, great article about trying out things to see what works. That’s what making money marketing your blog is all about. If you never try it how will you know?

  9. Mike

    Hmmm.. I tend to disagree. What happened to you with Adsense is one thing. Adsense is not a great monetising method for a long time now.

    But what if someone new into this business tries to game some of the big guys, like CJ or CB or other good affiliate programs, after reading your article? And thus they loose every chance of working with them again. Won’t they blame you later, when they’ll realize what they lost?

  10. the noob Post author

    brian- thanks. yeah, make money blogs are hard to swallow. very bitter after taste :)

    agent- glad u got my point. just experiement and experience for yourself. that’s all i’m saying. and if you get banned, then so be it.

    bill- none taken bill. im a make money blogger, what’d u expect. did you expect that i would give good advice? that’s bad business. :)

    my point is not to go out and get banned. my point is to experiement with it. try things out and test the limits. my most important account is with cj. but even i get kicked out of that program, i wouldn’t cry over it. no big deal. join another affiliate program. or open another cj account. not very hard to do.

    jared- i try to answer questions of comments in my posts as well. glad this works for ya.

    debo- i hate that phrase. “don’t put all your monetizing eggs in one basket” seems like it’s a verse out of the make money blog bible. i don’t know who wrote it, but it’s quoted often. makes me feel uncomfortable. but yeah. don’t stick to one program. mess around with all. my point is to experiement…not banned. and if you get banned while u test it, then so be it.

    cassie- adsense sucks. consider it a blessing in disguise. work on affiliate commissions and paid posting. you’ll make way more then adsense. adsense only works for site with big time traffic. and, it has to be traffic that consists of visitors that aren’t web savvy. nobody likes to click ads.

    charlotte- 56 dollars in 6 months is great for adsense. too bad you have to wait another 6 months to get a check. that’s assuming that you stick with the program. most people never collect a check from google. they won’t lower the payment cutoff cause they would actually have to pay out. paying out is bad for business.

    witchypoo- good point witchypoo, but you have to understand that sidebar real estate isn’t very valuable either. People don’t click that often. I never click on sidebar ads. Have you?

    teasas- bingo!

    mike- maybe you’re right. maybe i’m right. maybe we’re both right. probably the latter. i think getting to know an ad program is important. and you get to know it by messing with it. and in so doing, if you get banned, then so be it. is that better, or is it better to never make any money out of that program. CJ is my most important program. even still, if they ban me, i won’t fret. i’ll push neverblueads or CB or any other affiliate program. the only reason i don’t use the other is, cause i messed with cj and i know it. but if i have to, i could easily make the switch. maybe it’ll be better, cause cj doesn’t pay me for referral into their program. neverblue does.

  11. Tommy

    I guess I’m with noob on this one. And no, ya don’t need to remind me of his ass kissing post…I think it’s painfully obvious that most of these sites do not pay out or have extremely high payout thresholds. Either way, as he says, paying out is bad for business….It is. They are gaining sooooooooo much more from you the suckers for putting the ads up. They get the exorbitant prices they charge the advertisers, and then the advertisers get the hits and potential customers while you, the host…get…a couple of pennies…..Think about it…..Now, as Noob pointed out long ago…if you monetize like this, so be it, but ya better have multiple (and by multiple I’m thinking 15-20 sites) doing it this way…therefore your pennies could make dollars!….It’s pretty basic if ya choose this method.


  12. seoreef

    Tell this to people who make thousands of $ each month from Adsense. I disagree with most of your post. Reading the Adsense Rules would have given you the heads up of what you are supposed to do and what not. You don’t have to experiment in order to see what might get you banned, what’s the purpose then? Experiment with each program until you get banned from each one? Doesn’t this defeat the purpose? Experiment with positions, banners, texts, yes, of course. But this doesn’t mean you need to get banned in the process. I suggest you just read the guidelines and if you think you can’t stay within the limits, find another program. It’s that simple.

  13. the noob Post author

    tommy- tommy, it’s like were brothers from another mother. stole the words right out of my brain

    seoreef- i guess your a die hard adsense fan. I know a few people who make a lot with adsense. it’s from a collection of sites. They run it on various forums and niche sites. They’ve been in the game for a while tho. I’m saying, for noobies, adsense is the worst way to monetize a site, let alone a blog. Just curious…how much you making with adsense? And my point wasn’t about trying to get banned. i guess you read too much into my title. My point is to experiement. It’s not about position of ads. It’s about how to tweak it to your advantage. How to game the system.

  14. Seth

    For those of you banned by AdSense, I highly recommend WidgetBucks. I’ve been earning almost twice as much with WidgetBucks compared to AdSense. Plus, the ads are optimized for WordPress, Blogger, and even TypePad. Check out this WidgetBucks review for some more info.

  15. bloggernoob

    seth- dude are you serious? widgetbucks is the worst program out there! how much were u making with adsense that you’re making double that on widgetbucks? 2 cents a month?

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  17. Ken

    With all this talk of different routes of monetization by displaying ads…. Would anyone care to post a list of some different programs other then adsense?


  18. Ad Sense Aspirin

    aacrepairbible@gmail.com -Everyone here is an Entrepreneur correct? It is that drive that should propel you to find a quick answer when any of us are banned! Please forward my email address to anyone you know who is banned from indexing, adsense or adwords for help.

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