If you want to make money with your blog, treat it like a business

realbusiness.jpgI see countless forum threads asking about how one can make money with their blog. It’s probably cause most people don’t make money with their blogs. I think the main reason is cause all they do is slap adsense on the sidebar or header and expect money to magically appear. That’s not how blogging works. You have to keep changing your ads and keep writing interesting posts. You have to find creative ways to push certain affiliates. You have to spend some money too.

If you are really serious about making money online with your blog, you better treat it like a real business. Meaning, you have to spend hours working on your site. You have to spend money on ads to promote your site. You have to make sure readers are happy and you have to make sure they come back.

Money is made in a variety of ways. You can monetize your blog with affiliate links, paid posting, adsense/adbrite, and private ad/link sales. Of course donations can be accepted, but that horse has been beaten to death. The best way to monetize your site is with private ad sales. The big money makers like johnchow get most of their income from private ad sales. Of course, this is the hardest revenue stream to set up. You would need to grow your blog first before anyone would ever think about advertising on your blog. Its rather funny to see noobies put up 125×125 ad space available signs on their blogs. Like anyone would bother buying that ad space. With 15 RSS readers, i don’t think you could even sell that space for a dollar. First make sure you grow your blog before you try to sell ad space.

Of course, blogs can grow organically without spending any cash. But usually this takes times and a lot of sweat. If you’re looking to create a blog that generate $1000 plus a month in it’s first month, you better be ready to spend some cash.

I didn’t spend much money setting up bloggernoob. I think i’ve only spent like $200 dollars or so. That’s including the hosting and domain. I did spend a lot, i mean A LOT of time on this little blog. I’ve been lucky cause this make money blog has grown considerably fast and i think that’s why i continue to try to improve this site with a lot of quality content. I’ve made around $2000 with this blog, and it’s hasn’t even been two months yet. That is why i’m ready to treat it like a real business and start spending some advertising dollars. I’m starting to do some contests to attract visitors and RSS subscriptions. I’m also getting people to write about this blog to up my technorati ranking. I might even pay for reviews and links from other bloggers. I won’t pay for a review on johnchow tho. I think that’s a waste of money. I would much rather spend the same dollar amount on reviews from sites like johncow. Medium sites that i actually like to read. I know johnchow would give me a quick boost, but after reading posts from people who have gotten reviews from johnchow, i think i’ll pass.

When you hit the casinos, you should have a game plan. Gambling is in no way a solid form of investment(except poker), but i think there is a proper way to gamble in order to maximize profits. I have a similar view with business investments. There are correct and incorrect ways to treat your investments. Blogs should be treated like a business if you are serious about making money off your blog. If you only want to spend 10 dollars, you better expect to only make around a dollar or so. If you don’t want to spend money, you must supplement that ad dollar with sweat dollar. Meaning, you must work twice, three times harder then the average blogger. When i hit up the blackjack tables, i take around $2000-4000 with me. If the cards run good, I’m expecting to make around $1000-$2000. I think that’s a reasonable ratio. Of course, with blackjack, i know that there is a higher percentage of me losing $4000 to me winning $2000, but that’s gambling. Businesses are not as risky, but you must still consider the risk factor. Internet business, particularly blogging, has a low barrier of entry. Any idiot with a few hours can start one without investing any capital. Any idiot can buy a johnchow review. That’s not going to make him any money tho. The idea is to invest wisely in your ad dollars.

I like my gambling analogy so i will run with it. If i take $100 to the blackjack table, it’s possible to win thousands, but very very unlikely right? Most likely i’ll just lose the $100 trying to win a $1000. But if i go to the table with $1000 trying to win a $100….Now that becomes do-able. If you spent $10 for your domain, and $10/month for hosting, and you expect to churn out a few grand, you’ll mostly likely waste your hosting fees and eventually give up. I see a lot of blogs like this. They write a few posts a month and then you see a big gap in their archives. But, if you added a few hundred dollars to strategically promote your blog, A. you will find yourself working harder cause of the money you spent. B. you’ll also receive traffic, motivating you to keep growing your blog. C. Speed up the growth stage of your blog.

This blogs makes $1000/month. It’s not exactly a stone’s throw from johnchow, problogger, or shoemoney, but it’s way more then most bloggers. I would say that this blog is in the top 5% of all the blogs in the world. Why? Cause 95% of blogs are just trash when it comes to monetization and promotion.

If you want to make money with your blog, you better be serious and treat it like a real business. If your serious, you better have an advertising budget too. I recommend you hold off on spending money until you become more familiar with the internet and blogging. You don’t want to fall victim to scams or waste your money on an overpriced review(cough..johnchow). If you don’t want to make money, then why bother reading this long and boring post???

Was this post useful? Most likely not, but if for any reason you liked it, maybe you’ll want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Also, i’m holding a $100 contest so check that out.

If you love JC…Don’t be offend if i was rough on johnchow. I respect his blog cause he makes bank. Still don’t understand how he does it. I mean the guy talks about cheap restaurant more then making money online. And incase you didn’t notice, i’m actually helping in promoting his site.

7 thoughts on “If you want to make money with your blog, treat it like a business

  1. ryan

    I just think bloggers do not want to put forth the effort. Every blog has the ability to be great, it just takes work.

    And as the famous principle of thermodynamics says, the more work a task takes the less likely you are to do it.

    Great article.

  2. Tommy

    Great post and I agree with you and Ryan wholeheartedly. Ya gotsta work it! About a month ago I switched over hosts and really contemplated just having a blog, but decided against it but it’s an interesting theory some folks have to deal with and I’d like to get Noob’s take on this issue. I think having a blog as your main or perhaps only site is doable, but it’s certainly not something terribly popular in corporate America yet. Just curious. Keep up the informative stuff Noob! It is awesome!


  3. gusland

    Just working my blog :)
    It’s only about a month old,haven’t made much money, but getting those readers 😉
    It also depends a great deal on your niche.. Yours being making money online and mine being cats and some other stuff, Then a different expectation to how much to make in revenue, right ?
    Alot more people want to make money online and click ads, then the average cat lover wanting to click an ad to buy something for their pet :)

    Anyway.. Great article Noob !

  4. Erik

    Great post. I’ve only been doing my blog (outside of Y! 360) for less then three months and I’m already seeing my traffic doulbe every month. I’d love to see you post on getting affiliates and private ads. Hopefully I’ll be ready myself in another 3 months, once I’ve put more $ and time into my site.

    Thanks Noob.

  5. the noob Post author

    ryan- ryan, it appears that we are usually on the same wavelength

    abi-hmm, im not a big fan of adsense, i honestly think you’d be better off by monetizing with paid posting first.

    tommy-thanks tommy. i think people who seriously want to make money online have to do more then just blog. you should have at the very least, several sites that draw income. some sites that focus on landing pages for affiliates, a niche forum, a service site, etc. only a few people make big money with their blogs.

    gusland- don’t underestimate cat blogs. look at icanhascheezburger. did i spell that right?

    erik- nice. i have to look into y360. haven’t yet tapped into that yet. thanks for mentioning it.

    allen johnson-i’m not awesome…but thanks. you’re awesome for saying so. yeah i’ve been getting great visitors from sitepoint. goes to show how important it is to participate in forums. only about $100 of my 2k is from advertising. a few links i sold. I will work on my private ad sales more later as my blog grows. thanks for the props on alexa. im running a contest you should check out. hopefully i can cut it down in the next too weeks to 5 digits on alexa.

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