If you’re going to kiss ass

kiss.jpgIf you’re going to kiss ass, kiss the arse of a blogger who is your peer. I see a lot of bloggers trying to kiss john chow and shoemoney ass. I think this is pretty pointless. They don’t even acknowledge the ass kissing. If you spend your time leaving kiss ass comments on their blogs, or if you link to these guys thinking that they’ll appreciate it, you are mistaken. They get so many ass kissers sucking up to them already. They don’t even have the time to receive those kisses.

I’m not a fan of ass kissing. But honestly, you gotta do it sometimes to get ahead. I’ve worked in the corporate world right out of college. I’ve done my share of ass kissing. I didn’t like it, so i started my own business. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable to laugh at corny jokes. It’s uncomfortable to say something when i don’t mean it. But a lot of people do it to try to get ahead. It’s understandable.

In the blogging game, if you’re going to kiss ass, do it to someone who will at least receive it. Kiss the ass of a blogging peer. They will acknowledge it and they might reciprocate. Give a link and receive one back. Leave a comment and have a comment left. Why waste your links and comments on blogs that doesn’t even care. It’s about customer service. When you do business with a big company, you’re going to lose out on personal attention. You’re just going to be another faceless customer. But if you do business with a small company, they will try that much harder to keep you happy. And keep you coming back. They will know your name and visit your blog. They might even mention you in their posts. Like Cheers, “where everybody knows your name.” Visit Cheers. Don’t visit the mega hip bar.

Blogging is a time management game. Since blogging requires a lot of time, you have to spend it wisely to make money. Stop visiting those so called A list blogs. You’re not going to learn anything you don’t already know. Your visit, comment, and link means nothing to those blogs.

With that said, i’ll give everyone who links to me and leaves a comment below, a link on my next post. Link to me and i’ll link you back. If you leave a comment on my blog, i’ll always reply. I’ll try to leave a comment on you blog as well. Let’s help each other out. Why make the rich richer. Us small and medium blogs should be working together to help each other grow. Kiss my ass and i’ll kiss you back.

24 thoughts on “If you’re going to kiss ass

  1. Jackie

    I agree, I am not into the whole ass-kissing-bloggers-and-google-pageranking-bs (had to include that in there too)..but I will linkback I normally do…

  2. B Carter

    I agree that ass kissing to the big bloggers is a waste of time, but I do receive traffic from the comments I leave on PB. So even though I do not try to kiss his ass, I do try to add something meaningful to the conversation in order to receive some traffic.

    FYI, I don’t leave a comment on PB’s every post; I only comment there about once a month and I don’t expect Darren himself to come and check my blog out based upon my comment.

  3. shy guy

    I agree with you.. Sometimes I leave comment at that A list blogger but can’t get any visitor from their links..
    Such a good helper from you…

  4. Jared Stenzel

    Ass kissing could also be considered as a sign that your blog is becoming successful. When my blog gets going and people start ass kissing I will start to think I am succeeding. Anyways I know what you mean, I don’t really care to ass kiss anymore than the rest of you guys. I prefer to simply be active on their blogs to get the attention I want.

  5. Pete Moore

    I’m definately not into the whole arse kissing thing, you see it all the time on the forums some of those people make me sick.

    You will see as soon as somebody has a bad word to say about one of the big name internet marketers or how crap their products really are, all the arse kissers come out of the woodwork and jump to their defense.

    I’m sure they think the said “guru” will see their comment and think to themselves hey I’m gonna take this ass kisser to the top, yeah right!

    Don’t even get me started on the seminar crew, you would think prince had just walked into the room lol.


  6. the noob Post author

    b carter- i left comments on johnchow before. and i get a couple clicks. but i think it’s not worth the efforts. the visitors who come from johnchow aren’t going to make you any money. they already signed up under him for every ad program. and usually they are all idiots. 😉

    mommie- it is an artform. im not very artistic, but if you got the gift, use it wisely. :)

    jeff- yup yup. that’s what im talking about. if we work together, we can really do some damage, as a collective

    tommy- thanks tommy. the other cheek?

    shyguy- welcome. and nice ass kiss :)

    2thepoint- my arse is clearner then johnchow’s that’s a fact

    jason- u should clean it every once in a while. then you might get some takers. :)

    jared- good point. as i’m starting to see my traffic grow, i get more ass kissers.

    pete-yup. i left a negative comment on johnchow once, and a lot of the chow worshippers started bashing me and my domain name. saying that i’m a noob and whatnot. idiots. it’s really amazing that make money bloggers could have groupies.

  7. the noob Post author

    2thepoint- eww. the only funk i like is in my music. a funky ass is not my cup of tea. but to each his own. or her in your case. keep doing what you’re doing. i ain’t mad at cha. :)

  8. Ben Barden

    I don’t kiss ass, I tell it like it is (or as I see it, anyway). Then again, are you kissing ass if you leave lots of comments on a blog? If so, looks like you’re already getting it from me, noob! 😉

  9. the noob Post author

    ben- haha. nah. i’m talking about the blatant ass kissing. if you look at the comments left on johnchow, you’ll see a lot of his groupies. they tell him how delicious the food pictures look. they tell him that they joined under him and how he is handsome. they even dog on commentators that disagree with him. it’s almost a religion. Leaving comments on a blog is awesome. i think everybody should do it. but don’t worship me and buy a backstage pass so you can suck my weewee. :)

  10. witchypoo

    *bending over to receive some love, but looking over my shoulder to determine it’s the right kind of love* Really, just a peck on the cheek will do as I had beans today.

  11. Chica

    Kissing ass is pitiful, and deceiving, most fall for it too. I enjoy people who are genuinely nice and mean well, but enough is enough sometimes.

  12. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- gross

    chica- i agree. it makes me feel uncomfortable when i see it happening. have a little more respect for yourself people. but what can we do. most people are followers.

  13. naijaecash

    You’re right you know. I joined the bandwagon when I was a newbie, but I stopped the foolishness long ago.
    Why should I queue to greet a man who already have more than enough people begging cap in hand to be his friend?
    I since started building my own network of friend which someday by God’s grace will be big enough.
    Thanks for sharing your thought on this issue. Cheers.

  14. the noob Post author

    naijaecash- i’m glad i’m not the only who sees all this brown nosing. it’s understandable tho. if you’re a sucker and you want to match money, it’s logical to suck up to a guy who claims that he makes money. it’s sad but what can you do. most people are bad at thinking outside the box.

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