Ignore my advice

moon bloodgood makes money onlineI know that some of you actually listen to my advice. To those of you that do listen, I thank you and i respect your openness. I think the notion of making money online is silly for most people. They don’t understand how it works, so it’s easy to just ignore. It also helps that there are a lot of scammers online. It could turn people off. Internet marketers and make money online bloggers are probably included in the same category as multi level marketers. (pyramid scheme)

I was a doubter too. I used to laugh at the idea of making money online. I thought money was made by the lucky few who were blessed with MIT brains. I thought it was impossible for the average joe to make money via the internet. Obviously, i’ve changed my opinion. Bloggernoob and my collection of websites make money online. I’m inching closer to the average yearly salary of most Americans. Isn’t that amazing? How can you possibly make money sitting in front of you computer with your pants off? How do you not go to work, but get paid? Who pays you?

Noobies, calm down. I will slowly explain. When you go to work, you sit in front of a computer. Even the cashier at McDonalds sits(stands) in front of a computer. Why does it not make sense that some people make money in front of a computer at home? The pants on or off is optional. I just like to be comfortable when i’m at home.

People who make money online go to work. We just don’t have to commute very far. We wake up and start working in our home office. We don’t have a boss breathing down out necks, but we still have to put in solid hours. Well, that part is optional, but the ones that really want to make money usually put in full time hours.

Who pays us? You do! You don’t actually hand us paychecks or donations, but you help us get paid. Because of you, (the reader) advertisers pay money to place ads on my web space. Because you click my links, i get commissions either off of leads or sales.

It’s all simple enough right? Why do most of you doubt? Why don’t you set up your own website? Why not give it a try before you knock it? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. And when i say try, I’m talking about actually trying. Don’t set up a half ass website with adsense and random affiliate links. You gotta actively market and update you sites to make income. Some of you have already set up your site. You read my blog and others to learn more. You guys are cool. You should probably spend more time on your own site then mine, but i respect your willingness to learn. For those of you who visit my site but haven’t yet set up a website. I don’t know what to say. I say you guys are lazy. You guys are cowards! Why waste your precious time reading my blog if you’re not gonna make the first step? If this post got you all riled up, email me and do something about it. You can reach me at admin@bloggernoob.com.

10 thoughts on “Ignore my advice

  1. Zawadi

    < (Sobing and hiding in the corner from Noob)
    I want to have my own Site/Domain etc…
    In fact I was looking at some videos on YouTube today on how to setup a wordpress blog with cpanel.. didn’t see any good ones yet.

    When I say I have no money to start my own Site/Domain.. I really mean it.

    I am just hoping my PC doesn’t burn on me before I can get a new one, and I am learning to make money online as the Hard Drive dies…

    Noob did you write that post in your boxers? lol ( it’s ok i’m female) ROFLMAO

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    With private advertising, you get to make out your own prices and you get paid right away. Whereas, AdSense, you have to meet a threshold then you get paid 30 or so days later.

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  3. bonoriau

    If we do the right thing, right way, right time and follow what the success do and be creative, I’m sure soon or later we will make money online.

  4. Chelle

    I didn’t think i was ever going to make any money online…but i finally am making more than “milk money” :) I’ve got a ways to go – but I think after 6 months of research trial & error I actually have it figured out enough i could write my own mmo blog.

  5. Charles Billon

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