I’ll pay you to leave blogspot

cjcheck.jpgBlogspot sucks. You don’t really own your own blog and you don’t have your own domain name. If you want to be serious about blogging, you need your own domain and hosting. I got my Commission Junction check for $178.75 in the mail about a week ago. In the building up stage of this make money blog, i want to invest all of my earning back into this blog. So I’ve decided that i will use this money to urge, even pay bloggers on blogspot to get their own hosting. Most of the commission i get from CJ is from web hosting, so i figured I’d help other noobs get their own domain and hosting. I will pay you $20 when you use my link to get hosting. You have to let me know via email that you signed up for hosting using my link. I will then paypal you the twenty bucks when your transaction clears. $20 will pay for around 3 months of hosting, and you’ll get a free domain name with the deal. Email me at admin@bloggernoob.com if you are interested. Use this link An Hosting or HostMonster – Perl, CGI, SSH, Free Domain
An hosting you have to pay for the whole year, and HostMonster you can pay monthly.

It usually takes between 30-60 days for the transaction to clear. Don’t waste your time on a blog that you don’t own. Get your own domain and hosting now.

14 thoughts on “I’ll pay you to leave blogspot

  1. http://impartialinc.blogspot.com

    Mr. BloggerNoob :)

    I’ve heard a lot about CJ. I’m wanting to sign up. I know I have to drop my google ads to use them. ok No biggie. CJ looks like a better option. You said get off blogspot. Can’t I just stop using google and start using CJ? Just curious. I would love to know your opinion. Thanks in advance.

  2. ryan

    Well, the thing is CJ affiliate base, you have to have a audience who wants to signup for products, a niche.

    Super idea n00b, and its giving back to the community too. 😀

  3. ShadowKnight

    This is a top idea!

    I too dislike these mega sites that harbour multiple blogs with a shared identity. Unless you strike out on your own you do not truly own your own web site.

    Go the noob!

  4. Allyn Paul

    @ impartialinc … you can use CJ and Adsense together … I do and there is no problem with either site’s TOS.

    As far as hosting goes, I took Noob’s advice a few months back and signed up with AN Hosting (they are a daughter co of Midphase) and they are top notch! I highly recommend them.

  5. the noob Post author

    impartialinc- you don’t have to drop adsense if you want to use cj

    ryan- thanks buddy

    shadowknight- thanks. noobs love blogspot tho. hard for them to switch. i’m not sure how many will take me up on this offer. Don’t think that many will.

    allynpaul- allyn thanks for the added support in this comment. :)

    allen johnson- if the subdomain u use for blogspot is available u can buy the domain at godaddy.

  6. theAtypical

    Gday Noob!

    This sounds too good to believe!!

    I love blogging. I don’t love blogspot. But I do love Google. And a brand loyalty is me. I would love to get my own domain, in fact, I’ve had great dreams of being a major blogowner! But that takes too much effort for these fleeterfeet of mine. I’m in it just for myself.

    Still, congratulations on this wonderful initiative and I hope someone will get onto it and become successful as you are! Keep us updated on this!!

  7. the noob Post author

    happy- congrats. it’s a big step to have your own domain and hosting. when you think about it, it doesn’t cost that much money. i’m really happy for ya and the best of luck with your blog.

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