I’m getting too many paid posting gigs

sponsored1.jpgEven a couple of weeks ago, i waited eagerly for paid posting gigs. I would keep checking payperpost, smorty, and sponsoredreviews to see if there were any open assignments. I wanted to just keep busy with this blog and work on my $100 a day challenge.

sponsoredreview.jpgI guess my blog has grown since then cause now i’m backed up. I have 8 posting offers that i haven’t been able to touch yet. I don’t want my regular posts to suffer so i’m taking my time with these posting offers. It feels good that they are starting to pay a little bit more per post. It feels good knowing that i’m making a few bucks for my efforts. SponsoredReviews has been surprisingly good lately. I still think payperpost has more offers, but im loving sponsoredreviews more and more each day. If you haven’t signed up for Sponsoredreviews, you’re missing out of some good monetizing opportunities.

7 thoughts on “I’m getting too many paid posting gigs

  1. Mel

    I went through the payperpost site thoroughly, besides the point that they won’t even let a real noob like myself in, which I completely understand — Isn’t the fact that you’re getting paid, pressure to give a good review and sort of a conflict of interest with your readers, even though you disclose to the reader that it’s paid… If you give a mediocre or bad review, can an advertiser block you or bench you, or whatever they were talking about … and doesn’t that adversely effect other ‘opportunities’ as they put it?

    I’ve pretty much decided that paid post is not the way for me to go with my current project, when or if I ever qualify – but I was exploring it for maybe future ventures and those two big cons stuck out, or maybe I don’t have all of the information.

  2. the noob Post author

    mel-your blog has to be 3 months old. well i have a disclosure on my site. and my readers understand that this blog is about making money online. as long as i have useful posts too, i don’t think they mind.

    get more traffic- thank you thank you. I’m all smiling.

  3. Allyn Paul

    Noob–I just signed up last night for Sponsored Reviews by clicking through your link. We will see if they accept me now that I have a solid domain.

    I just wish I could have browsed their advertisers first to see if any matched up with my niche.
    BTW–it says your posts are worth $100 ! Big time!

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