im not a entrepreneur im a entrepretainer.

entrepretainer is a made up name. i just made it up right now. i think its important to joke around. maybe this blog won’t seem so professional but i think it will be interesting. Business is not about the suit and tie. its a new age and alot of the world’s billionaires have changed. the image we have of millionaire ceos are not the stiff suit wearing republican types of yesteryear. they are now the designer jean and black t shirt wearing dot com moguls.

anyway…going back to entrepretainer. damn i just googled entrepreneur and found some something disappointing. seems there already is an entrepretainer. his name is marcus johnson. damn i thought i was dishing some clever wordplay too. goes to show that there is nothing original on the internet. lets face it. the internet is new and all but everything is still about selling. sell ad space, sell via affiliates, sell product or services. its just has to appear to be something new and original and you got a winner. you can copy a site and become successful. lets face it, myspace coppied friendster and facebook copied myspace. youtube wasn’t really original. they had flash video user site already.

went off an a tangent again. back to entrepreneur. since im a noob and still learning this game. i can’t really offer advice and tips everyday. i could be it wouldn’t really be good advice, it would be second and third sourced. i want to be able to give first hand advice. so to keep people coming back to my site i will have to entertain. i think all bloggers have to entertain. its an important part of adult life to be able to tell mad jokes. not HA HA jokes, but seinfeld type jokes. stories really.

being able to tell a story and keep the listener interested is a skill that is detrimental in grownup life. in business you have to give a great pitch. with the opposite sex you have to give off a great vibe.

not everyone can tell interesting stories. not all of us are blessed. but one thing about us is that we have adapted for millions of years. we adapt so well its sick. we are all capable of changing and practicing to become better at something. anything.

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  1. Nick

    I like how your articles are well thought out. Us bloggers are enterprenuers, but of course there are better ways to make money than blogging, like selling affiliate ads, much more profitable.

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