Blogging is not just about writing. It’s also about reading up on the latest news and gossip. Blogging requires a lot of skill if you want to build a solid audience base. I don’t visit MMO blogs anymore, but i still seek out information about blogging. I like to read a lot of small and medium blogs to see what people are up to. I like to read up on blogging and design tips. Imbloggingthat dot com is a good place to find how to tips for bloggers. The site will teach you to become better at grabbing readers attention and other useful tips. (Edit)

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  1. DR Rawson


    Every once in a while you see something like this “review” published as an authoritative opinion.

    A good place to find . . . is that really a review or is that a tag line?

    A review should offer some unique insight and/or informs the reader in a way that adds value. Other than the small amount of money you received, what is the value you’re providing for the readers of your blog.

    Perhaps a more considered approach would be helpful and helpful to your readers. What are your thoughts?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    DR Rawson
    Chairman and CEO
    C4 WorldWide

  2. the noob Post author

    doctor rawson- is this katy from imbloggingthat? my blog isn’t that big so i don’t get a lot of visitors. and people don’t usually comment on the reviews, unless they got reviewed. so im guessing that you are dr rawson. i know that you didn’t like my review, and have complained to the review site about my horrible blog. but my question, were you satisfied with the other reviews you paid for? im guessing that you weren’t. if this is in fact doctor rawson, the chairman and ceo of c4 worldwide, im sorry for the confusion. i just noticed that the blogger from, imblogging that shows up right after i publish this review and doesn’t leave me a comment. but i get an email and a comment here by you.

    yeah i agree. a solid review should have images and detailed info about the site being reviewed. but, when you go thru sites like sponsored or ppp, you usually don’t get quality reviews. u get links, but the reviews aren’t that great. i bought reviews on both sites. i wasn’t happy with all of them, but i never when and left a comment or emailed that person to complain. i just figured that’s how it is.

    if you’re new to my site, you should know that i try to be honest with my posts. i also let my regular readers know which posts are paid plugs. and i have a sitewide disclosure. if i was a fulltime blogger and my blog a big time blog, then i would be as insightful and informative as i can. but you really can’t do that with the time constraint and limited funds. just my opinion and thanks for your comment.

  3. Katy Castro


    DR Rawson visited the site the same time that I did because when a Father calls his daughter and she’s upset that she had to pay for something as low quality as this, he feels compelled to read and comment.

    I imagine that most people don’t share the blogosphere with their Father but, I do. He’s also an incredible business man and looked at this review for exactly what I perceive it to be. His comment I felt was incredibly insightful but I find it more telling that you say the review was of low quality because that’s what you get if you purchase a review.

    As someone who is striving to “make money online,” I question how far you will go when you are actively not seeking to provide value to those who have paid you and those who read your blog.

    Lastly, as someone only writing a review for money, do not ever question my brand that I would have a fraudulent persona just to show you how dissatisfied I am. I’m the kind of person that will tell you and I did but I chose to do that privately with an email. You brought my disdain for this review to your blog, not me.

    Best Regards,
    Katy Castro

  4. Donace

    Reading this and attempting to stay impartial is hard.

    In your last post you mentioned working hard, and to me that means having a work ethic. So a review is a review and should be a such.

    In regards to PPP Reviewme posts etc. so what if your blog is small, you have contracted a service and it should done to your best.

    Also i have seen a number of ‘proper’ reviews from PPP/RM participants and brushing them all as link collecting is incorrect imho. Reviews are sale pitches; comparing review a) one like yours and b) a full one. B would be more interesting. Only reason i stayed here was because of the comments :p

    I apologise if I out if bounds etc.


  5. the noob Post author

    katy- hmm. i didn’t realize the doctor was your father. I think it’s cool that your dad blogs. I wish i could convince my pops that blogging is cool. Anyway, thanks for your comment and im sorry that you didn’t like the review i did of you via sponsoredreviews. You admited that you didn’t like most of the reviews that you purchased thru them. So i recommend that you don’t go thru them next time for links. Just get it for free instead. 😉 Or you might want to research on who writes your paid reviews next time. I don’t understand why you would waste you time on my blog for a review i did a couple days ago. Had i known it was going to be this much trouble, i would have passed on it. The price was too low anyhow. You’ve insulted me on my blog, your dad insulted me on my blog. And maybe your cousin Goober will come and insult me on my blog. I don’t mind, just saying that you you were going to spend this much time on this paid campaign. you should have hand writen your own review to your liking. I know that you usually are not satisifed with paid reviews. Next time, don’t buy reviews. Thanks.

    donace- always hard to be impartial. 😉 I respect you opinion and you make good points. reviews purchased on ppp, reviewme, sponsoredreviews are mainly for links. Most of the advertisers and reviewers know this. That’s why Google hit a lot of the sites by removing PR. Paid links are paid links, regardless of it being shaded as a review. I do work hard on my blog. It was hard writing this 100 + review. I visited the site and read one of the posts even. If you look at the review i did, it’s not half bad. I don’t know why she’s complaining. Maybe she should have been more specific with what she wanted in the requirements. And she shoudl think about paying more if she really wants a quality review. Thanks for commenting Donace. 😉

  6. the noob Post author

    this is awesome. my 100 word review turned into a graduate research paper. Katy, if you swing by here again, know that i ain’t mad at cha. I actually like your blog. It has similar things from other “blog about blogging” blogs, but can’t really be original with blogs anyhow. I wish you continued success with you blog and maybe you should reconsider your paid posting campaign. I recommend doing contests instead. Better then paying people to review your blog. 😉

  7. Katy Castro

    Just for the record, $15 for the 102 words that you wrote is OUTSTANDING for a freelance artists. Furthermore, I did want a REVIEW, not just a link.

    You know why I’m upset, you didn’t follow the requests that I made (specially spelling and grammar and again, for the record “how to grabbing readers attention” which you have now corrected, is NOT proper English). The sentence that you’re now using I wrote for you, yet you still have the money out of my pocket.

    You’ve continued to insult me even after I’ve tried to approach this privately with you. YOU are the one that brought this your blog when I was more than happy speaking to you in email — which you stopped responding to. You made it clear you wanted it public by acting as though I had an alternate persona to tell you how to write a review (my Father).

    If you feel that this wasn’t worth it, you’re more than welcome to delete this review and I’ll take my money back, period.

    Clearly the answer is that you’re not going to ever believe that someone would go to a site called REVIEWS and want a REVIEW nor will you think that you can provide VALUE to all parties by participating in such program. With this attitude, best to keep your day job!

  8. the noob Post author

    katy- If it was somebody else. i would gladly refund. but since it’s you. and since i already did the work. and since you already left a negative mark on my sponsored acct. i’ll take the 10 bucks that i got paid for writing about your site. btw, i still think it’s a good site about blogging. not very original but still good.

    i honestly would like to see how many out of the thousands of people who bid on your review did a good job. how many did you hire anyhow. I’m not guessing that you only gave out a few of these reviews. you pay for a couple reviews and are not satisfied with all of them. you get your family of bloggers to insult the reviewer. good job. i would recommend that you change your up marketing game plan. Don’t pay for stuff. obviously you don’t have the budget for it.

    i’ve been blogging for 9 months now. I’ve done tons of reviews and sold tons of links on this and other websites that i manage. Never have i had to deal with the likes of you.

    You know what tho. I appreciate it. This is actually very entertaining. And you’re adding content to my blog. You’re probably going to get a lot more clicks to your site because of this controversy.

    You can stop by and comment anytime. 😉

  9. Donace

    wow what a story about this review! they say contraversy has the best 9arketing value.
    I would actualy like to know how many click throughs you got from this review katy compared to the others :p

    Though 3 did actually clickthrough and subscribed because you have some great posts. good luck and remember conflict is drama abd drama intersts :p

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