In 12 hours bloggernoob will pick the mp3 winner

feed2.jpgHappy Christmas everybody. I am running a little contest where you can win a MP3 player. All you have to do is subscribe to my RSS feed. I have to thank everyone who entered cause i just passed the 100 mark on my feedburner. I needed a little push cause i’ve been stuck around the 80 mark for some time. Thanks for helping me achieve this mini goal. My highest point was around 92 readers, but fell to around 84. Just checked and now i’m at 101 readers. Thank you, Thank you. I will be announcing the winner in 12 hours so if you haven’t entered yet, you may do so now. Just subscribe to my feed. I made the contest simple, you don’t have to show me proof or send me anything. Using the honor system, and i’m glad that my visitors are a honest bunch. My stats tell me that everyone that said they subscribed, subscribed. Awesome. Thanks for helping me grow this make money blog. I’ll be holding more contests and the prizes will keep on getting better so keep checking this blog. Good luck guys.

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