There are a lot of people on the internet selling stuff to people just like you and me. What you have to understand is that most of the stuff floating around is repackaged material. I found this out a few months of exploring the blogging game. I found all sorts of sites that were pushing the same things over and over again. If you visit a site that is selling some sort of marketing scam, you’ll find at least a few dozen sites that sells the same repackaged content. If you don’t like what i am writing here on this blog post, i suggest that you leave the make money online niche.

If you are comfortable with this type marketing, then i highly recommend you do some research on the topic. You will find sites that offer a lot of private label products that you can repackage and sell. Don’t go with sites that want you to pay a lot of money for these products. Go with sites that sell it to you cheap. That is the only way that you will make some nice profits. The site over at is a great place to start. The site has free registration that gives you access to 400 digital contents that can help you make money online. You will also gain access to products that you can resell. Learn more about the details on their website.

It makes sense to look over opportunities that yield profits. The business world is filled with profits made because of uninformed consumers. This applies to wall street and main street. Look at all the schemes found on wall street. Look at all of the savings that are offered on certain products. The people who are not as savvy with money will end up paying more then their more savvy neighbors.

Don’t be one of the less savvy. Visit the web site over at indigitalworks dot com and learn more about what they have to offer.

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    Thats a great website you got there, you truly know the Industry inside out. thanks for the tips, will be sure to check your site out again.

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    Thanks to share this information and i’m sure it would be real. But there are several companies which are scam. Could you share any reference by which lay people would be safe. I researched in several places but as per my researched, it’s real work.

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    I’m that a lot of people are unaware of the amount of free stuff out there. Kompozer and Filezilla (site building and FTP software) are both free and if you spend time surfing, on the appropriate forums and YouTube you can pick up a huge amount of information.


  5. Shane

    Most people today have this really terrible habit of repelling money. And when you bring it to their attention their typical response is “no I don’t”. But their actions, life and bank account tell a different story.

    In today’s economy, people claim to be fully focused on “attracting money”. They’ll provide great lip service, but they won’t do anything to attract money. Now here’s the rub.

    Just as it’s written in the Bible in the book of James “Faith without works is dead”. Well, the law of attraction without ACTION is dead. Read that again. If you think you can just sit on your couch and dream about money coming into your life and then one day become rich then you’re on the wrong track my friend.

    In order to attract money, you have to be engaged in activities that money is attracted to. Money is attracted to movement. And in this economy, nobody can afford to sit around and wait for things to happen.

    To attract money in this recession you have to be completely focused on your goal. Let’s say for example you were just laid off your job of 12 years. Now what? You have a wife and kids to support and bills to pay. What do you do?

    You cut the fat out of your life, starting with the things you once thought were necessities. Again, get rid of the fat from your life. If you can’t manage the money you do have, the universe will not give you anymore.

    Movement is key. Instead of saying, “I can’t believe I lost my job. It’s not fair. It’s the economy’s fault”. Blah, blah, blah. Ask, “What can I do to overcome this adversity? What new trade can I learn how to do? Who can I meet that’ll help me achieve the goals in life I wish to achieve? How can I make money from this adversity?”

    Then act! That’s your job. Stay moving, like liquid. When my business slowed down, I quickly enrolled in a new career. When I decided I didn’t like that one, I immediately learned a new trade and began a new career. And you know what? The money started coming quickly. I did not join the “whoa is me” crowd. I joined the entrepreneur crowd and quickly started a new career.

    How do you attract money in a recession? Action is critical. Money loves movement. So move. Action! Nothing happens until something moves.

  6. Alban M. M.

    Thanks for these real informations, but I think if you could give some advices for the newcomers, so they can avoid these scams.

  7. John Burnside

    Thank you for the way out of this problem. It is quite obvious that you can usually get information else where for cheaper. That is the way of the internet.

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    Everybody wants to make money online and so do I. I am going to create a free account in indigitalworks soon.
    Thanks for providing such resource.

  11. Gaming Guides

    the “make money online” niche is so saturated its unbelievable. I mean you’d think the people that know how to make money online would realize the niche is over saturated, which makes me such a skeptic on almost all of the online money making clickbank products, the people writing those should realize the competition hypothetically.

  12. Cris Cato

    I actually use this site and have had success with it. Good quality products for a decent price tag. Keep up the good quality articles!

  13. lee

    will i get anywhere blogging i have been blogging for two weeks now and got two visitors. If i post new articles often will i get more visits or if the articles are long with good titles any advice will be greatly appreciated thanks.

  14. Jason

    I myself figured that out after learning about the blogging world. I call them Bullshit Gurus, it really turned me off on some bloggers. They are running a hustle online like people do on the street, but from behind a keyboard where they feel safe. They wouldn’t have the heart to do that with someone in front of them! I like your site.

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  16. Sierra Chesnutt

    Hi, – came across your current web-site inadvertently while searching round the net this afternoon, and pleased that i did! I do like the design and style and tones, but I need to mention that I’m having problems when it loads. I’m using ELinks 0.10 web browser for mac, and the menu bit doesn’t align the right way. i am convinced made use of a matching design on a client’s online site, but the menu seems O.k on mine. I suspect the mistake is at this end & perhaps today’s the day to switch!

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