Inserting images to increase traffic

kelli garnerI’ve seen a steady rise in referral traffic from google image searches. It now consistently brings me over 30 hits a day. It’s no surprise that i put up pictures of hot babes. I do this cause i personally like looking at these images. That’s not the only reason.

People search for hot celebrities every second. If i put up a good image, one of those people will end up at my site to look at the image. I’m not recommending that you should copy my style and put up images of hollywood starlets. I’m just stating the fact that images draw attention to your blog. Images are sometimes more important then your words. Look at how popular photo storage sites are. Look at the google page rank of photo sites. They are super high.

When you insert images into your post, be sure to label them. It also helps to include a description and caption. Google bots can’t see images. But they can spot your files if you label them correctly. Get in the habit of inserting images to every one of your posts. You should start seeing an increase in traffic from google.

7 thoughts on “Inserting images to increase traffic

  1. Diane Scott

    Great point (though I personally might not be doing the scanty clad woment LOL). I need to wrap my head around images and use them much more often!

    A pictures is worth a thousand words, and frankly I’m sort of afraid reading might become a lost art LOL!

  2. bloggernoob

    diane scott- yup yup. more pic!

    dani- I wish i looked like that too. Then i wouldn’t spend time on my computer writing on this stupid blog, i’d just spend my days lying in bed looking at my newly installed ceiling mounted mirror.

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  4. Freelancer Online

    I was first surprised when i saw that there is a hot babe for every post on your blog.

    Nice idea. But the people that come from google image to your blog probably wont stay long right?

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