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bloggerstudio.jpgI plan on doing interview posts on a regular basis. I have a few interviews lined up already, but i was wondering if you guys wanted me to interview anyone in particular. I’m a big fan of interviews. I love reading biographies and watching talk shows for the interviews. With blogging, i think knowing the background about a blogger or finding out how he or she got started could be helpful for noob bloggers. It’s not only interesting, but it could guide noobs in the right direction. Like i said, i already have 3 people lined up for my awesome interviews. If you want me to interview someone, leave me a comment and i’ll try to hook that up for you.

I plan on spicing the interviews up a bit. I’ve read other blog interviews and most of them are rather boring. “Do you feel like adsense is the best way to monetize a site?” What bullshit type of interview question is that? I’ll try to avoid generic questions and come up with some specific info. If you want to suggest some questions, feel free to do so in my comments below. Also, if you feel like you or your blog is special, then nominate yourself for the interview. I don’t hate vain people. Vanity and make money blogging go hand in hand!

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  1. Living on Adsense

    Personally I would like to see some interviews with bloggers that are new to the game and have already had some marginal success. I find I can relate to these types of bloggers much easier than I could to someone that has “made it” a while ago.

    I like to follow the successes and failures, the rise and fall, and tale that learned information and apply it to my own blog.

    As a new blogger I cannot follow the blog of someone that has “made it” because I am not in the same caliber and would not be able to implement much of the techniques and strategies they utilize.

    I want to see some “Noob on Noob” action…

  2. LindaF

    I agree with JustChris. No offense to your blog personally, but I’m a little tired of the “make money with blogs” blogs.

    Maybe someone that runs a gaming blog or a humor blog.

  3. kmcgra

    I like JustChris’s idea too. Successful niche blogs would be interesting to hear about. Question is, what do you consider a “successful” blog, one that is making tons of money, a little money, or one in which the publisher is just enjoying the heck out of what he is doing, and not worrying too much about the financial aspect. Thing is, everybody loves to hear about making money, and how to do it, so you may have to find some balance.

  4. the noob Post author

    joshuan- its one of my favorite sentences. glad u liked it

    livingonadsense- haha noob on noob action. well this blog is called bloggernoob, so i’ll definately do some noob on noob interviews.

    blackpixie-theuniversitykid. ok noted.

    justchris- nice suggestion. i’ll definately do that. maybe you could recommend some specific blogs. non make money blogs that make money. which ones?

    lindaf- none taken. my blog is a make money blog and i’m also tired of the make money with blogs blogs. my blog sucks! :) i love gaming and humor blogs. i’ll look into it. like i mentioned to justchris, maybe you could point me to some nice gaming/humor blogs.

    kmcgra- great questions. what is success. Without getting too deep here. let’s just say any blog that has a loyal following, or makes a lot of money, or gets a lot of traffic, or has a great design, qualifies. The interviews i plan on doing will focus on small and medium blogs. I might get some buys that are making a lot of money, but it won’t just be about that. i want to learn more about the journey, or the interesting blogging stories that the interviee wants to share. and you’re right, balance is key…young grasshopper.

    witchypoo- no doubt. V is for vanity? haha jk. i wanted to interview you anyhow. i’ll shoot you an email when i get this interview thing organized. :)

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