Internet business ain’t no thang

internetbusiness.jpgI think a lot of salary men have a misunderstanding about business. Running your own business isn’t very hard. It’s actually pretty basic. Internet business is even easier. It costs way less and you don’t even have to go out to your place of business. You can conduct business in the comfort of your own home wearing just your underwear. Internet business can be anything. It could even be a blog. When you start making money with your blog, that blog becomes a business. Legally you’re going to have to pay tax and you’re going to have to market it. Like any other type of business, you should do most anything to increase your blog’s income. How is money made by blogging? Affiliate links, sponsored posts, ad/link sales. Simple right? Actually it’s pretty hard to get traffic. And it’s pretty hard to make affiliate commissions. But if you work at it, it’ll start happening. Any time someone pays you cause of your blog, that’s consider part of your business income. If your blog gets a lot of traffic, it’s actually pretty easy to make money with your blog.

Setting up a business usually requires tens of thousands of dollars. That’s for a very small business. A lot of people invest large sums of cash for such risky ventures. Internet business could be started for 10 bucks a month and rock solid determination. Of course, you can spend money to promote and advertise your business. You figure it was so cheap to start, why not spend some cash. I recommend you don’t start spending money until you understand how the blogging game works. I think internet marketing has a bad reputation because there are a lot of scammers out there. People make millions by taking advantage of noobie internet businessmen. I’m all for spending money and investing in your online business. Hell, i’ve already spent over 20k on two sites i’m currently working on. But, i’ve never spent a dime on bloggernoob cause and i’m glad i didn’t. I’ll start spending some in the future, but right now, i don’t think it’s necessarily. You have to consider the value for every dollar spent promoting your blog. You have to estimate if it’s worth your while to pay $450 for a review that will get you a boost of traffic for about a day. You have to think hard about the benefit of taped video lectures, and wonder if it’s worth $3000. I think not. But some do and that’s why johnchow and shoemoney make money. Because of noobie internet business folks. They make money off of people who have money to spend but don’t know anything about how internet works.

Adsense works the same way. Only way a bloggers makes money off of adsense is if the visitor of the blog clicks the ad. No web savvy person will click adsense ads. None! Only noobs click those ads. That’s why i don’t implement adsense, cause my make money blog doesn’t attract complete noobs. Don’t let my domain name(bloggernoob) fool you, my readers are not noobs.

Let me use blogger Q as an example. Blogger Q is a composite of a few small blogs i’ve been following for the past couple of months. Blogger Q spends 3000 dollars to promote on so called A-list blogs. Blogger Q guest writes on so called A-list blogs. Blogger Q spends more money holding contests to increase RSS subscriptions. Blogger Q spends even more money to attend blog conventions. Blogger Q has spent close to 5000 dollars. It’s not a lot of money if you’re talking in business terms. But, if you’re talking about blogging dollars, that’s a hell of a lot of money. How much does blogger Q expect to make in the next year? Does blogger Q expect to turn his blog into the next johnchow? That’s almost impossible. Not even johnchow could make another johnchow dot com. It was timing and luck. How much has Blogger Q made so far? Zero! Now some of you will protest and say, they are thinking long term. But folks, we are talking about the internet. We don’t know what will happen in a year. To invest 5 grand on something that you haven’t made a dime on, is kinda foolish. Thinking you’ll make that money back and then some, is just wrong. If blogger Q is lucky, he’ll break even.

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    allyn paul- i know this one landscape architect. he started a small lawn business like 12 years ago. he had like 50 bucks and a truck. he borrowed the tools. His business grew, put himself thru college and now his company has 20 employees and is probably worth 2 million dollars. talk about low risk low capital.

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