Internet marketers are Liars

liar.jpgI wrote a few threads in forums about lying on your blog. I got a pretty surprising reaction from bloggers. Some of them were really offendied by my statements. Like religious offended. Internet marketers are liars. Bloggers are liars. Blogging is a sin.

I argued that we all lie and that it’s human nature to lie. Isn’t marketing a corporate form of lying. Advertising is all about lies. Drink a beer and get laid by a hot chick. Buy those pretty shoes and become classy. Buy a mac and you’re cool. Drink gatorade and you’ll be like Jordan. Take this pill to enlarge your penis. This list goes on and on.

Why won’t bloggers accept this fact. I totally accept the fact that i have to bend the truth on occasion to push a product or service. I do this with my paid posting and i do this to push affiliate links.

I have a theory. Veritas is never achieved. I used to think that you can’t lie to yourself but i’ve learned that i’m a victim of my own lies. People lie all the time. For money, for fame, for attention.

It’s safe to say that when money is in the mix, you’ll never be truthful. How can you slander the hand that feeds you. It’s all about organization and corporations. Once you are a part of it, you are gotta keep the lies going. We are programmed from birth to start lying.

The trick with internet marketing is to be creative with your lies. You gotta present your lie to seem truthful. You have to create distraction with sex and humor. We’re all a bunch of developed monkeys. Use our primal urges to distract the truth.

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6 thoughts on “Internet marketers are Liars

  1. emma

    Lies is a negative thing. I would rather suggest that you apply the term strategy that makes up the business system. It’s like magnifying their expectation of the outcome of their sales ad. I have interviewed a successful businessman and his secret is honesty in the business. He said, “you can deceive your customer once but not forever.” The tricky magician uses optical illusion to deceive the viewer, it’s not lies but consider an art form. We just to be warned that there are really some IM cheaters around.

  2. Allyn Paul

    Noob, you must think in a black and white only world then (not racially speaking) IOW, you don’t see things in shades of gray?

    Marketing is designed to garner a response. Marketing IS NOT sales. Marketing supports or even drives sales, but they are not the same. In this manner, a marketing campaign must drive prospects to respond (ie: click on your ad) but it is later up to someone or something else to actually sell he product or service. THat’s why Gatorade uses Mike Jordan in their marketing campaigns. MJ is associated with success and winning. But if I go to WHite Hen and the gatorade is in the back room hidden on the shelf, warm, I will not buy it because the product itself was not displayed as quality. Also, if I do buy it, and it tastes like piss, I will never buy again, even it MJ himself brings it to my house.
    long winded I know…bottom line…the product still must be quality (truthful) even if the marketing is bending that truth a little.

    Finally, it’s not lying. It’s “fake it until ya make it”
    You “act” like you are successful until you actually are successful. This is not’s acting.


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