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mike\'s make money missionI’m still fascinated by people who make money online. I don’t make much, but it still amazes me that i can make a few dollars with this blog. Before i started bloggernoob dot com, there were a few blogs that inspired me to start a make money blog. The person in this interview is one of those bloggers. Mike from Mike’s money making mission runs multiple blogs on free blogging platforms. He won’t state how much exactly, but he makes well over $2000/months from his blogs. A lot of noobs talk about the big guns of this niche. But, in my opinion, i think it’s more helpful to follows bloggers who make realistic amounts. Nobody’s going to be the next chow or ron jeremy, but with hard work, you can set up a blog like bloggernoob, or Mike’s blog. Here’s the interview.

1. How long have you been making money online? When did you first start making money with you blog/blogs?
My very first blog post was on the 23rd of September 2006 and one of the things I wrote was, “At the moment I have no idea as to what direction to follow but I hope to learn fast.” I really didn’t have a clue about blogging and in the first week I earned 84 cents. For about the first year of blogging I published a Weekly Report showing how I got on. The posts are still in the Mike’s Money Making Mission archives.

2. So you only use free hosted blogs? How many do you have in your porfolio? Which is your biggest money making blog?
Yes, my ‘mission’ was to see if I could make money with free blogs and without any capital outlay. I’m not exactly sure how many blogs I have! I like to experiment so I have lots of dead ones that are virtually stagnating but they get a few hits and a lot of the older blogs are all linked together. I must have about 30+

As to my biggest earning blog this is, or at least had been to date, Celebrity Insider – Photos & News

3. How much are you making per month with your collection of blogs?
As I’ve already said I previously published what I earned from blogging every week. Now I keep it a secret! What I will say is that I have always set myself earnings targets. The first was just $100 a month. Once I managed this the targets gradually increased to $200, $500, $1000, $2000 and I have achieved all of these. I believe it is essential to have objectives – in blogging and life in general.

4. How many hours a day do you put into your blogs.
How long is a piece of string! This varies, when I started out I set myself two hours a day. Nowadays I often spend much longer, especially if I’m researching some story or theme.

5. Are you married? In a relationship? How does your significant other feel about you doing what you are doing online?
Yes I’m happily married, well that’s what my wife tells me! I’ve always had some sort of money making sidelines so it’s just an accepted way of life. In the past I’ve published several magazines, been involved in network marketing, run holiday caravans, dabbled in Flea Markets and eBay and so on.

I think it’s essential to make the most of life and opportunities. It’s no good moaning about money or recesssions it’s up to us to do something positive, get off our backsides and find a way to make some extra cash. There are dozens and dozens of ways to do this and I’ve found that, once you decide to do something, ideas flow to the mind and opportunities seem to appear.

6. Which make money blogs do you read? If you don’t read make money blogs…then what other type of blogs do you read?
If I’m being honest the truth is that I don’t seem to have a lot of time to read many other blogs. I like to keep in touch with a few bloggers who started at about the same time as I did. These were the people I exchanged ads with in the early days and it’s nice to see how they are progressing.
I look at various popular money making blogs and also celebrity style blogs to see how the competition is doing.

7. Any word of advice for newbie bloggers?
When starting out I’d say get a lot of posts on your blog as quickly as possible but try to make them of the very best quality possible. Don’t have too narrow a niche, make posts varied but within your theme.

Posts are like your back catalogue, in much the same way as the Beatles old songs or the first Harry Potter books – only not on such a grand scale.

If you give proper thought to your post titles and keywords older posts can bring referrals from search engines for years to come.

Also use images. Not only do photos make your blog more interesting they also get picked up by the likes of Google. As an example, in under a year, I’ve had well over a quarter of a million referrals from Google Images to one of my celebrity blogs.

Sorry, I won’t go on too long, but my third piece of advice is something I’m often saying on my money making blog: Write about what people want to read. This may not seem much but, if you think about it, it’s probably the most important thing in making money with blogs. What we want is traffic because traffic = money. So give people what they want and not what you think they should or might want. That way you’ll attract visitors.

8. What were some of the major mistakes you made when you started out?
I think two things. I didn’t invest in getting .com names. This was because I originally stuck to my mission of making money without spending any. And secondly I stuck to standard Blogger templates for too long. There are many free places to get alternative templates. A .com URL plus a decent template makes a world of difference. Much more professional looking.

9. Do you run any other type of websites besides blogs? If so, what kind?
No, I only do blogs. I have tried, however, several one article blogs where I’ve removed the HTML and set it up more like a standard website – as I’ve said, I like to experiment to see what things might just work.

I’d like to thank Mike for doing this interview and i hope you guys enjoyed it as much i as did. Noob out!

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