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paris-hilton-interview.jpgEmail is your best internet marketing weapon. Even when this blog only received 2 visits a day, i emailed other bloggers and some would reply. It’s important to have your own unique domain name and email. This makes your blog more credible, just by having your own email address. In the virtual world, your website is your office. If you contact someone with a gmail or yahoo account, you look like your running your business out the trunk of your car. But if you email with, now your blog seems more legit. You have an virtual home for your blog. If you don’t already have a domain or hosting, get one now.

I sent out some emails requesting blogging income from a few blogger. 50% of them replied. This was way back when my blog was nothing. I asked nicely and they replied. I made sure my email wasn’t too long. Also i made the email personal. Don’t send out a template email, or you’ll just be ignored. Mention something specific about their blog that you liked and write it in your email.

I receive a lot of emails from other noob bloggers. They ask me questions and blogging tips. If the email seems like it was a mass email campaign, i usually ignore it. But if i can sense that they at least visited my blog, i usually reply. One reader wanted to interview me. We exchanged a few emails of introduction and conducted an interview. He just posted the interview on his site. I think this is a great way for new blogs to network. It guarantee’s link love cause the blogger being interview will definitely link to the interview. It can became a regular thing with your blog. So don’t be shy about emailing and interviewing other blogger. It’ll help you bring in traffic and get you some link love. It’ll even help you make more money with your blog.

3 thoughts on “Interview other bloggers

  1. Alan

    Inclined to agree with you about having your own domain, though it’s something that personal bloggers certainly can skip.

    Sign me,

    drone at libdrone dot info

  2. the noob Post author

    alan- if you’re not looking to make any money and it’s just for your own personal use. i say use blogspot. but if it’s a hobby that you update frequently. why not spend like 10 bucks a month and monetize it the right way with domain and hosting. i’m big on ownership. i like to own my own website. that’s why i don’t have a myspace either.

    amit kheterpal- no problem. it was a nice interview. good luck with your site.

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