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simplesmallimage.jpgI think interviews are a great way to get a know the people behind the web. Sometimes i get all riled up after reading a nice interview. Whether it be something i read in a magazine or something i read on a blog, i get full of ideas when i hear of other people succeeding online. That is one of the reason i started my interview section. My last interview post was with Graham from Entrecard. It turned out pretty good and i hope you will enjoy this next one. In this post, we will look inside the mind of Matthew from

Let me start off by taking it to the old school chatting days. A/S/L? What’s your age, sex, and location?

25/male/Toronto, Canada

How long have you been making money online and how much do you make per month online?

Technically I got my first check from an online business in 1994 when I was just twelve years old from a company called Compuserve. If you were a business customer and tried out their services they’d pay you. Being a resourceful child I set up a fake company on my 28.8k modem and got the check. All was well until they called looking for a Mr. Rivard and discovered my age! That was my first experience in making money online, and it was the spark that started me in the industry.

Since then i’ve been involved in running several online businesses. I got the idea for in the summer of 2004. I had launched the site in 2003 as an office humor, and a hangout for those that were bored or unsatisfied with their jobs. Quite quickly the site audience grew to contain many seeking ways to make a living online and abandon traditional work, so in 2004 I brought on a partner and we began revamping the site.

In terms of how much I personally make, I’d rather not share if thats ok. There is enough to keep me happy and I do reinvest as much as I can back into my business. We try and divert as much of the attention as we can to our members; the more successful they are, the more successful we are.

How many hours a day do you spend on

Typically I usually check in about once an hour to see what people are talking about. Lately since we’ve been releasing a new version it’s been about 4 hours of work a day. I do like to outsource a lot which leads to the next question.

Do you do your own coding/programming?

Up until last year we did all the coding ourselves. I had a few failed attempts with outsourcing work to India in the past (language and time zone changes always seemed to be the problem), but since that time I have be lucky to find reliable coding and design assistance.

There are some gray areas with making a living online. What a line you won’t cross to make money? Porn? Scams?

As a policy, nothing put out by will take money from our members and only return money to us. We are offered higher than normal affiliate commissions, partnerships, prelaunches, etc. in the magnitude of about 100 times a week. With a user base of about 30,000 subscribers, we need to be very careful about what we promote. I think since our site started we’ve only ever promoted two programs or products. When we do actually end up promoting something to our community, it sells very well because we have a great deal of trust.

You mentioned that the wikipages were last years big scams. Name a few scams that are new and gaining in popularity right now?

In the discussion forums at there are hundreds of members with very real stories of how financial problems and Internet scams have created problems in their lives. It truly annoys me when bloggers will sell their credibility just to make a buck (as in the case with the wikis).

Up and coming scams to watch out for? As a rule of thumb, anything where you have to pay to get started is worth looking into. There are too many pyramid schemes out there to skip doing research.

Do you read bloggernoob dot com? What’s do you think of my blog? suggestions, comments? How did you find my blog?

I read bloggernoob on a daily basis. I like this blog because I enjoy the writing style and no-nonsense approach to shady business tactics.

The only suggestion I might have is to not go down a path where the focus is on following your growth from noob to success story. The “monthly income report” seems to be a popular trend in ‘make money online’ blogs, but don’t let this be a focal point of your blog. Have your readers follow you; not a magic number you put up at the end of every month.

I believe I found your blog while looking for others who had similar thoughts to mine on things like paid wikis.

Describe to my readers and tell us why we should visit your site? can be divided into a few parts:

Primarily, it is a niche social network for those interested in making money online. Basically think facebook + yahoo answers only for those that want to work from home. Every member at the site gets a free blog, a profile page to post their businesses, a friend finder to look for those with similar interests, and the support of our forums to ask questions and discuss how to make money online.

Secondly, we have developed a job search engine that pulls every home based listing in the world from sites like Craigslist, so if you’re looking for freelance writing, data entry, or other work, you can find it pretty quickly.

Thirdly, I author a blog on the site called the WhyDoWork Insider, where readers get to hear what I think and I reveal some personal tips and strategies I use to make more money online.

Just pink one each. Blondes or brunettes? Austin Powers or James Bond? Xbox, Playstations, or Wii? Mac or PC? Youtube or facebook?

xBox 360
YouTube (facebook’s too much of a time waster)

You mentioned that you have a partner? What suggestion can you make about online partnerships. Also, describe you partnership dynamic. does he code, design, market. what do you do, etc.

Partnerships are a great way to stay motivated. Dividing up work and agreeing to complete it at the same time is a great way to push each other. At WhyDoWork we focus on bouncing ideas off each other, taking on projects we each finding interesting, and helping each other out when we need it. We both have coding, design, and marketing experience so it works out well. Personally I handle all the finances, advertising, and traffic growth strategies which are the areas I like the most.

Interview questions are hard, Anything interesting you want to tell my readers?

If you’re interested, we’re giving away two widescreen monitors over the next month. There are multiple ways to win but since I gave such long winded answers above, just visit the site if you’d like the details. Good luck in your quests to make money online and if you ever have any questions you can find me here (

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  1. Funked

    Nice interview noob. This guy has done well. A nice simple idea and he’s making a living from it. It’s given me a bit of a confidence boost for my next project.

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    Good interview, I am enjoying these. :)

    Also, I just counted (in Google Reader) how many posts there have been from you in the last couple of days. You’ve been busy!!

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    funked- yeah. i usually get motivated into doing more online after i read these types of interviews. glad u enjoyed it.

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