Investing a lot of time on blogspot blogs

hitarie burton makes money onlineAttention blogspot bloggers! Let me ask you a question. Are you guys blogging for fun, or blogging to add some supplemental income? Most of you will answer with “fun”. That’s great guys. I think it’s cool that you are blogging. Even if it’s on a free hosted site, it’s cool that you’re writing. But those of you who are thinking about making money online, you shouldn’t bother with blogspot. It’s true that there are a few blogspot blogs that make some nice cash. But most blogspot blogs are hard to monetize. First off, it’s difficult to project a professional image with a blank.blogspot blog. Secondly, if you’re going to invest hours upon hours into your blog, wouldn’t your rather host it yourself? Wouldn’t you rather have it on your own unique domain name and brand? Moving away from blogspot is the obvious option if you are serious about making money online with you blog.

I think it all boils down to how much an hour of your time is worth. Well, how much is it worth to you? It should be worth at least $10. Guess what? Domain names are ten bucks. That means that if you spent more then an hour on your blogspot blog, you already spent $10 on your free hosted blog. Why not go the extra inch and buy your own domain name. (Cheap Ass) And if you spend more then 2 hours a month on your blog, then you should go the extra mile by investing in your own webhost. It’s less then $10 a month and you can get a free domain name.

23 thoughts on “Investing a lot of time on blogspot blogs

  1. Taylor

    I have a website hosted on blogger and it looks pretty dang solid if you ask me. I still need to purchase a domain though. Anyway, I think it just depends on what you do with your blogspot blog.

    If you customize your own template, create a good banner, mess around with the heading tags and title tags, and of course, purchase a domain, then you can easily make your blog professional. There are many successful blogspot blogs. There’s no need to steer away from them in my opinion.

  2. Jared Stenzel

    Another reason not to start there is the case with my current wordpress blog. Front page of a highly competitive keyword and my blog is stuck there unable to be monetized due to wordpresses terms of service. If you move the blog to its own domain it loses the keyword ranking.

  3. the noob Post author

    taylor- bravo. very good points taylor. But u also mentioned having your own domain. That’s my point exactly. If you feel comfortable with your blogspot blog, fine. U have to at least tweak ur theme and get your own domain. The next logical step is your own hosting. to gain more control. thanks for commenting.

    jared- yup yup. good point jared. u should write about your experience on your blog. i think it’d be a good post/rant.

  4. KushMoney

    bloggernoob you couldn’t be more right. If a blogger is doing it for fun then a blogspot is fine. If a blogger want to make money with their blog and make a name for themselves then yes, they should buy a domain and hosting.

    You know what, later this week I am going to write about this.

    @Taylor if you serious about blogging get your domain and hosting.

  5. Jared Stenzel

    nice I get to refer to somebodies post like the actual admin does.

    the noob- I will as soon as I’m done selling my referral technique. I’m selling it for $15 to 20 people. Some people read my blog and would read about what I do and that would ruin the whole selling it idea. So yeah, soon and very soon the noob can learn from me 😉

  6. Taylor

    Thanks for the Response. I like bloggers who write back. :) PS: I do see what you’re saying about having more control. But I think if you don’t feel the need to control more, then there’s no sense in forking over more cash.

    I tried wordpress at one point in time. I just wasn’t ready to fork over all the money for hosting. I also wasn’t willing to spend more time learning wordpress. Not only that, who am I to know my blog will be successful?

    If my blog fails using Blogger I lose nothing. If it fails using WordPress I lose money.

    It’s safe to say that Blogger is good for the middle class bloggers. Some of them even come out highly successful. However, if you’re more of a person that likes control, then wordpress is the way to go.

    PS: I don’t think wordpress users are more successful then Blogger users. Success depends on the person and the time and effort they put into the blog.

  7. the noob Post author

    taylor- well said taylor. I think you understand what you want from you blog. right now, it sounds like blogspot is a good fit for you. But later, you might want to make the switch. When you do, let me know, i’ll try to help you out. 😉

    P.S. Totally agree. Success is relative. It’s not about the traffic or money. It’s probably about happiness. If you’re satisfied and content, then you’re successful.

  8. Taylor

    Alright cool dude. Thanks… Hey. What are the positives of wordpress other then the fact that you have more control?

  9. bloggernoob

    taylor- more control. more functions. you don’t have to worry about switching to your own host. you get accepted to more ad networks. etc. i think it’s worth it. it’s hard at first, but after a few weeks, you realize how easy it is to use. and the cost. it’s cheap. you can find hosting for around 7 dollars a month.

  10. Nickmeister

    Hey, I’m blogging on blogspot just for fun. =) It’s relatively new, and I haven’t done this type of thing before, so I hope it turns out well (i.e. lots of viewers. lol)
    (If you want to visit, I think you click on my name here; I put the blog in the “website” section. =) )

  11. EzRich Project

    My advice to newbie is to use free blogging platform first. Once you get the hang of blogging and learn new tips and tricks to maintain your site, your next target is to monetize the free blog.

    Once you have constant income and confident that you can earn more, only then go for your own domain. I’ve seen a lot of people giving up after a few month of trying to get some cash from the Internet.

    If you can survive the first 6 months, it should give you better judgment whether to invest more to earn more.

    Have a productive day

  12. CallCenterVet

    I had 2 blogspot blogs before and I earned a good damn $3000 in a span of 4 months with those still.

    I have a unique domain name but still free-hosted on blogspot BUT I still earn a good deal of money. In fact, all of my blogs, mostly with unique names but free hosted are still making money.

    I just get the point of troubling yourself with your own hosting when you still earn money all the same with free-hosted blogs. If advertisers don’t like blogspot blogs, they can shove it and we’re still making money from advertisers that don’t care about it.

    Looking professional with own-hosted and unique domains are less important as how much a blogger puts effort into blogging.

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  14. the noob Post author

    nickmeister- welcome to the blogosphere. hang in there, it can be pretty fun. when u get more comfortable, make the switch to ur own hosted wordpress blog. 😉

    ezrich project- u make a good point. but in my opinion, i think noobs should start with wordpress. selfhosted wordpress. it’s not that much harder then blogspot and u don’t have to make the switch later. and it’s really not a lot of money. if you quite blogging. ur only out a few bucks. just my opinion.

    callcentervet- that’s some nice income. good job. u are one of the rare blogspot bloggers who make that type of cash. also, ur not a straight up blogspotter. u got ur own domain. 😉

  15. Rob

    I actually used blogspot at first when I was learning my way around with blogging. Once I got pretty comfortable with how to get the word out about my blog, I switched to a paid hosting blog with my own domain. This is what I’ve come up with thus far:

    I personally think a beginning blogger should try out a free service like blogspot at first before they invest any of their own hard earned money. :)

  16. the noob Post author

    rob- good point. But we’re only talking a few dollars here. 10 bucks for domain and 10 bucks for hosting? It’s a big mac and a coke. and a caramel machiatto. 😉 but yeah, if you’re a noob, try out blogspot to see if blogging is right for you.

  17. bloggernoob

    nickmeister- haha yeah. you’re on a free blogspot blog. after u gain experience, u should switch to your own hosted wordpress blog. 😉

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