Ipod and Domain Giveaway

ipod and domain giveawayIt’s a lazy Saturday so i wanted to give out some free stuff. Two of my most popular giveaways were the domain giveaway and the Ipod contest. I thought that it’d be neat to combine the two. I got another sponsored Ipod Nano from MarketLeverage that i wanted to give out. A couple days ago, i got a challenge from blogger at crunchnow to do a RSS competition. I think it’ll be fun to see who come out victorious. He is offering $250 certificate for a massge. I will be giving away an Ipod Nano. Let’s see what prize will win out. I wanted to give extra incentive to my readers, so i’m giving away free domain names. These domains have been aged so you should be able to hit the SERPs easier with these domain names. It’ll be easier to make money online with these domains. I will give out 1 domain for every 3 RSS subscribers. If 30 of you subscribe to my RSS feed, i’ll give out 10 domain names, and 1 Ipod Nano.

The rules are simple. Just subscribe to my RSS feed via email and leave me a comment below. Subscribe to bloggernoob.com by Email I will choose the winners at random. I will be giving out a domain every 3 entries. I will announce the winner of the Ipod Nano on July 25th. I will be checking the emails to see that they are valid. Hopefully this will give me a nice boost in my RSS count.

One entry per person! I will be checking IP addresses left with the comment.

153 thoughts on “Ipod and Domain Giveaway

  1. the noob Post author

    andrew- Congrats andrew! you won a domain name. Send me an email to admin@bloggernoob.com to claim your prize. I will check your subscription and send out the domain. You will still entered for the ipod on the 25th of july.

    ali- thanks. u are entered for the ipod contest.

    jp- you didn’t win the domain but you are still entered for the ipod on the 25th.

  2. the noob Post author

    Congrats to Antonio, wildbad, and ADT. You three have each won a domain name. email me at admin@bloggernoob.com with your godaddy account and email. i will push the domain to you asap. the rest have been entered for a chance to win the ipod on july 25th. good luck!!!

  3. Wendy

    Already subscribed but wish I could do it again.
    Can I use all my other emails to increase your RSS readers?? LOL

    Ok you know I won’t cause I want you to win fair and square.

    Going to help you out though with adding where I can and posting it on my blog.

    Go Noob Go. Your faithful readeres are behind all the way.

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  5. Barbara Baker

    Okay…I might be lucky since I’m posting #30…and possibly number 30 rss feed subscriber. Just have to wait and see. I would love to win!!!!

    Have a great Saturday!!!

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  8. Skuxta

    Saw the contest on DP though I would try my chances. Really hope I win. Thats actually quite unique not many blogs hand iut a free Ipod and other prizes just for subscribing to their feed.

    Good luck to everyone. Let every 1 man in every 3 win :)

    Thanks Bloggernoob, btw that baby image creeps me out 😛

  9. DineometerDeb

    I really need a new ipod. Mine got wet.

    (Private message for Skuxta. Don’t anyone else read this: Shhhhh! Everyone thinks that but we don’t say it outloud because what if it is a picture of noobs baby!)

  10. Wess Stewart

    Man, I’m all about the contests…still waiting on Ocab to contact me about my prizes from his contest…heh.

    I’m in dude! Free stuff is awesome.

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  12. the noob Post author

    Congrats to shailendra, Sensei, Lucy D, M. dinish, whataboutblog, skuxta, shafar, roshan, joseph, max miroff, mary jenkins, darkblaze, wendy, tim, steve, wildbad, jay, and rhyan. You guys have won a free domain name. Email me with your godaddy login and email. I will get started on the push for your domain. Congrats to all winner and you guys all have a chance at winning the ipod i will give out to one of my subscriber on July 25th.

  13. the noob Post author

    frustrated writer- the free domain contest is not over. Congrats you win! email me your godaddy login and email. and i will push you a free domain. Congrats! and let me know which email you subscribed to my RSS feed. I will verify and send you your prize. 😉

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  15. Ariel

    Hurray for the promotion. 😀
    I hope that I’ll luck out – for any of the giveaways.

  16. bloggernoob

    Congrats to Jam, Dave, King, and Aley Eladawy. email with the email you subscribed with. I will verify and send you reply. Send me your godaddy login and email. and upon verification i will push you a free domain from my portfolio. and leave me another comment to confirm you win. Cheers.

  17. sunil

    hi, i have subscribed for ur feeds… so now i officially qualify for the contest.. nice one too dude.. keep it up

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  19. mary ann

    I have subscribed, im just starting to learn blogging.. found your post helpful. Thanks.

  20. the noob Post author

    congrats to philblog, scoty, sunil, and mary ann. you guys have won a free domain. email with the email that you subscribed to my rss with. with your godaddy login and email. i will verify the subscription and push the domain to you.

  21. Shailendra

    Hey noob,

    Why don’t you use Author Comment Highlight plugin. Recently I came to know about a contest which got a break for a while because of fake author comment stating that the contest is over.

    There are many stupids who may spoil your mood. Beware of them.

  22. Donace

    i was meaning to subscribe anyway so this is an added bonus:p, as a further bonus i stumbled thsi for you.

    good luck with it

  23. Mariela Rojas


    Man your a crack, i love all the ideas you’ve got, very smart. oh well i ready subscribed, and thanks alot for all these good things bye

    and please wish me luck!!!!

  24. Mariela Rojas

    Man your a crack, i love all the ideas you’ve got, very smart. oh well i ready subscribed, and thanks alot for all these good things bye

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  26. bloggernoob

    dinesh- you’re really on this contest aren’t you. 😉 i wish you the best of luck. yeah, i lose two good PR1 domains. But i have to many domains in my portfolio already. It costs a lot of money to keep renewing them. So instead of lettting these valuable domains expire, i decided to give to to my loyal readers. They have to renew it in the next few days. but it’ll be worth if i you don’t already have a lot of domains, or if you don’t have a domain of your own yet. Great for building a new blog on a domain that already has PR.

  27. m.dinesh

    Ya you are right,
    It costs a lot of money to renew them.

    Hey if you have more domains why don’t you sell them at site point or digital point because people will give so much value to page rank domains.

  28. m.dinesh

    Just 8 hours left, I wish that i would win that ipod. by the time i wake up 2morow , the winners will be announced regarding the llll.com domain too.

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  30. jeflin

    Hi noob,

    I subscribed to your feeds by email. Hope to win your fabulous prize, will do a feature on my blog if I win.

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  32. sunil

    hi.. now for the final countdown… ipod is just fewwwww paces away… still outta reach…
    btw what timing do u follow to announce the winner

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  35. Danilo Alkema

    This is a really good website. I have already been back several times within the last few days and wish to subscribe to your rss feed utilizing Google but cannot learn the right way to do it exactly. Would you know of any sort of instructions?

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