Its dangerous to gamble on the internet

I love gambling. When i was in college i lived off of ramen and 2 for 2 dollar bigmac deals because of this nasty addiction. I was a heavy blackjack player. I did some sport betting and etc..but the fast money excitment of bj was like crack to me. I had other vices, like smoking, drinking, and drugs. (can’t leave out girls either) I was in vegas one weekend with a few of my mates when i found my bank account drained. So naturally, being the pathetic gambler that i am, i tried to take out a cash advance with my Visa. Even tho im a cheapo and even tho i was aware of the 22-24% interest rate. Anyway i was calling up to get my cash when i was prompted by a gambling service announcement on the phone. It said “If you feel like you have a problem with gambling please call this number…”

It was like a message from allah. Or the heavenly father god man holy trinity. I experienced that epiphany and have converted myself to just a casual gambler. Which is great cause i love to play poker and can’t get more casual then that. Just keep sitting and waiting for a hand.

Anyway i have a point here. I also play poker online but last month i found this video clip on youtube. I know computers get hacked and identities get stolen everyday. Internet is becoming more mainstream and making purchases or doing money transactions seem safe but is it really? Because im not a computer wiz i just put my faith in my banks and reputable merchants. I trust my poker sites aswell. But after seeing this video i will never play poker for real money on the internet again.

This makes sense. I keep a poker log,(all serious poker players must do this) but there was a big difference in my earnings per hour online with live games profits. I suspect that it wasn’t a streak of bad beats or my style of play online. Its the hackers.

My message to noobs:

Don’t gamble online. Well i don’t want to be preachy…Be careful when playing poker online for real money on absolute poker. Find out where what sites are good and check reviews. This online casino is a good place to check for reviews.

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