It’s real. I got paid!

paypal.jpgI’ve received checks from CJ before so i’m not concerned at all about my CJ payment but i was a little concerned with some of the paid posting sites. I read on other peoples’ blogs that they do pay, but i still need to experience it for myself to be fully convinced. I’m just that type of guy. I’m like Thomas, one of Jesus’s disciple. I want to see the hole in his hands.

ppp1.jpgAnyway, i got my first payperpost payment today. Sponsored Review paid first then smorty. Payperpost is the longest wait but still the best site for paid posting. They have the most posting gigs. If you join Payperpost, Smorty, and Sponsored Reviews, you WILL make some money. It won’t make you a dot com mogul but you will get paid. You’ll make more with these then you will with adsense depending on what topic you blog about.

6 thoughts on “It’s real. I got paid!

  1. Jessica

    I recently signed up for Pay Per Post, hadn’t heard of the other 2, but just signed up under you! Way to go, Im looking forward to earning some from my blog!

  2. the noob Post author

    elaine- thanks elaine

    allynpaul- didn’t know ur biblical. i was taught not to be like thomas, but now i think he was a scholar. very logical. i respect people who respect logic.

    jessica- thanks jessica. how is ppp working out for you? i think you’ll like smorty and sponsoredreviews. happy posting.

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