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jackie.jpgHere is my review of jackiesbizblog.com. Jackiesbizblog is a business blog similar to a lot of make money blogs including mine. It contains information about how to make money online. Let me start off by noting some of the positives of this blog. First off, i can see that Jackie makes regular daily posts. This is great way to grow a young blog. Writing frequently keeps the search engines crawling and it puts you in practice of constantly creating content. Another plus is that Jackie placed a big RSS subscription feed button at the top of her blog. This makes it easy for anyone who wishes to subscribe, to subscribe. The content on her blog is solid. She doesn’t try to force posts. She doesn’t try to pretend she knows a topic when she doesn’t. Basically she’s honest with her blog and that’s a big plus in my book. You don’t want to be a phony make money blogger. With that said, i want to make some suggestions. I want to be as honest as possible with this review so bare with me. It might sting a bit Jackie.

The layout. The theme is not that bad, but it isn’t anything special either. The header image is of low quality. I think if you changed the image file a bit, you could probably get a more crisp image without hurting your load time. The image itself is not bad, just a bit grainy. Also, there is way too much dead space around the header. The recent posts, most commented posts, and buy this theme could be shorted. In my humble opinion, i would get rid of some of your widgets and monetization methods. I see that you have adsense on you blog, give it the boot. Most make money blogs don’t make much with adsense. Even the big boys like Darren from problogger admit that adsense doesn’t work on make money blog. Removing adsense and shorting the three columns will create less dead space on your blog.

I see that your trying to sell your theme. On the footer i also see a link to studiojmc. If this theme is one you paid for, i would remove that footer. Makes it seems like a free theme. Also, i’ve learned that selling themes won’t make much money. It’s probably better to give out the theme for free and insert your link on the footer. I would get rid of blogrush and i would try to work on my entrecard dropping. I see that you have your own ad on your entrecard widget. Not a good sign. Work on entrecard a bit and you’ll get free traffic and free ads. Last thing, i see the mybloglog widget on the sidebar. I think blogcatalog is a better blog networking site. It’ll send you more traffic and the members are way more active and friendly. Less spam.

Final analysis. Jackiesbizblog dot com is a young site with potential. It’s obvious that the blog owner is serious about making her blog grow. If she puts in enough hours and doesn’t give up, i can see her making some nice change with her blog. If she keeps networking with other small and medium blogs, she will see her RSS go up and gain some loyal readers. It will not be easy considering that make money blogs are a dime a dozen, but keep changing it up and you’ll see progress.

11 thoughts on “JackiesBizBlog Review

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  3. Forest Parks

    What a great honest review.

    Your honesty is what will make me go visit her blog and possibly subscribe. If it was all pretty and nice I would have passed on visiting.

    We all have a long way to go…

  4. Jackie

    I removed the bidvertiser ads at the top, funny I just put those up…are they still considered the same as adsense?

    I had forgot to update my queue in EntreCard that is why you only saw my ad.

    This is my third review where everyone has been telling me to get rid of the blogrush widget? I don’t understand why.

    I removed the buy this template and placed it in the footer with the link. I am going to replace it with something else.

    Everyone else tells me to keep mybloglog and get rid of blogcatalog?? It boggles my mind…

    Thanks again for the review. :) And I always believe honesty is the best policy and I would always rather here the truth. :)


  5. Chica

    If it is a free theme, then she can’t sell it. I agree with you on the header 100%. I believe business blogs need professional looking headers, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun though.

    Great review Noob! :)

  6. the noob Post author

    forest- thanks. this is my first attempt at reviewing one of my reader’s blogs. it wasn’t perfect but i’m glad you appreciate it. :)

    jackie- oh it was bitvertiser not adsense. bitvertiser doesn’t work either. give it the boot. :) yeah you should spend more time on entrecard. it WILL get you visits. If you are getting visits from blogrush, keep it, but i doubt it, cause wheni had it on my blog, i got nothing. it also slows down load time. i think the people who favor mybloglog are johnchow clones. i know they have a stat click counter, but i think BC will implement that soon. Trust me, BC is way better. I’m glad the review was helpful.

    chica- thanks chica. my first review of a reader. I didn’t know how to go about it but im glad u thought it was nice. :)

  7. Allyn Paul

    I took some of Noob’s advice and have started to join in the discussions over the BlogCat and have noticed some nice traffic from it.
    MBL is pretty lame but I keep it because my friends (real world friends) who also blog have it.

  8. Jackie

    The template wasn’t free and they have an affiliate program and since I like the template so much I think others would too.

    EntreCard I have A LOT of Credits saved up, just not sure what I want to do with them yet and I drop a lot of cards…

    Some things I cannot get rid of and I love my header…

    With a review people take a lot in and take the advice that we receive but also still do things their own way…

    Will check with BC.

  9. the noob Post author

    jackie- if you bought the theme, you should get rid of the footer link to that other site. it’s a useful theme, but selling it might be hard. might think about giving it out for free in exchange for a linkback to your blog. unless you plan on selling your entrecard credit, you should use them. advertise on popular blog. you should see a traffic boost. and accept ads, so you can have ads running on your blog. if you love your header, keep it. when i first started, people hated my baby image. :)

  10. Jackie

    Oh I changed it at the bottom if you check again :) It actually links to my affiliate link now at the bottom and its more out of the way…

    Yes I will do something with my advertising credits, I will browse their list tonight…

    Thanks again Noob. :)

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