January stats for make money blog

stats.jpgBloggerNoob stats at the end of 2007

Alexa- 128,215 rank

Technorati- 58,325 rank, 111 Authority

RSS Subscribers- 104

Current BloggerNoob stats

Alexa- 63,924

Technorati- 27,048 rank, 210 Authority

RSS Subscribers- 234

I’ve double up on my stats across the board. My Alexa, Technorati, and RSS subscribers count has grown by two fold. Woohoo! And the kicker is that i’ve been away most of the month. I think it goes to show that once you gain some momentum with your blog, it really does get easier to grow your blog. Hopefully seeing this on my humble blog will make you work harder with your blogs. If you are curious about how much money i’ve made so far with this blog, check the make money blog income report. If you want to know how did it, subscribe to my RSS feed.

6 thoughts on “January stats for make money blog

  1. the noob Post author

    menopauseprincess- haha. thanks princess!

    jordan- thanks. i’m already quantified. i’ll put up the pretty graphs one of these days. u bring up a good point. it’s important to cross reference different sources of traffic.

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