John cow says that he’s sorry about the c word

WowWowWow. I don’t know what to say really. Words are really powerful. John cow apologized today on his blog for saying the C word. In case you don’t know what word i’m talking about, it rhymes with blunt. He states that in Dublin the c word doesn’t really mean much. What’s surprising to me is that so many people reacted negatively to his blog title. They wrote about it on blogs and they commented on his site. Even Darren from problogger signed in to say his piece. I guess i’m a bit more understanding of what happened. I grew up in a very fundamentalist home and had to go to church 3-4 times a week, but at night i would watch Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence doing stand-up. I grew up knowing that people thought of certain words as sinful but at the same time i was profoundly influenced by the power of expletives. I’m for the theory that if a movie is anything but rated R, i won’t watch it. Real life is about foul words and sometimes questionable usage of these bad words. Using these words is normal in everyday life. People say Fuc and Wussy and shit all the time. As long as you don’t say it in front of my parents or at church, whats the big dealio. I think its entertaining when naughty words are used right. I honestly think its clever. Lets look at readership of johncow. I’m not sure if his blog is meant for youngins. If adults are reading it then whats the big deal? By reacting this way to the C word we are empowering it. Lets relax people. How can you get upset by a word that rhymes with runt? The Ned Flanders of the world need to chill and watch an episode of South Park.

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  1. Td

    I’m kinda surprised by the outrage Like go put the word cunt into google news search. I see it all the time. Doesn’t faze me.

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