johnchow dot com is for noobs

noobs.jpgI used to spend a fair amount of time on johnchow dot com. Now, I realize that johnchow dot com is for noobs. He doesn’t write about anything specific. It’s like a giant infomercial filled with his monthly earnings report. Genius!

People see that and think they can make it too. That’s what happened to the noob. The more i learn, the more i realize that you have to look beyond johnchow to start making money. If you read something on johnchow, it’s probably too late for you. He has a lot of readers and it’s fair to assume that they all joined that affiliate. You should also assume that they will market it the way johnchow is marketing it. So essentially, that tip becomes useless. You are just another johnchow minion. Don’t be that guy.

If you research, you’ll find that there are a lot of useful blogs about making money online. Having more resources for research makes you a better blogger. It will make you more money. Reading medium and smaller size blogs, will help you think up better marketing ideas. Of course, you have to read johnchow first to know if that smaller source is copying johnchow or not. Basically, what im trying to state is, use johnchow as a reference, but don’t make it your main reference.

18 thoughts on “johnchow dot com is for noobs

  1. mariam

    But honestly, isn’t everyone’s MMO blog that way? I don’t think there’s anything new to report.

    If you just give me the text of an A-list blogger and a C-list blogger, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

    It’s all in the personality behind the blog.

    JC has cultivated an evil persona and good for him.

    Personally, I do think he offers good information – not everyday though.

    I was so disappointed in the RSS competition between him and Shoemoney. JC showed us how to do it while Shoe mailed it in.

    JC also offers good advice with his ReviewMes.

    So yes, perhaps one can find the same advice from a site that hasn’t been “discovered” but it’s the persona that makes the blog.

  2. ArahMan7

    Yeah, that’s what I’ve been telling my readers. There are so fanatic whenever they heard his name. When john said, jump! All his fans said, “How high, Mr John?” Gee… !

    My all time favourite is still, Joel Comm.

    Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

  3. Netvestor

    I never actually read any articles on his site but went there numerous times trying to find a reason to subscribe. Never found one. Good point there.

    The only thing I like on his site is the picture of lamborghini reventon which I will have one day anyways 😉

  4. Blogtommy

    I think Mariam had it just about right. At this point I think folks grab onto bloggers more for style and personal reasons than anything else. I’m thinking the day of the “I’ll give ya more free than anyone else” has hopefully almost ran it’s course. There are a lot of sploggers left in the world, but I think the serious types have moved beyond such things. I know I have.


  5. Forest Parks

    I still to this day have not visited but do intend to do so.

    I have found the best way to find great online advice is by following links from posts and comments from other bloggers that you already read.

  6. Terry Heath

    There is very little (if anything) new on those high-traffic MOO sites; I find many more interesting ideas on medium sized blogs, and every once in a while something new pops up.

    Somewhere I read, and I’m sorry I can’t remember where, something like: “If you want to be successful, find out what everybody else is doing and do something different.”

    Seems to apply to what you’ve said.

  7. ryan

    Why should I listen to John Chow? He makes $27,000 a month and I won’t. I think I will spend my time doing something a bit more productive, like making $27,000 myself through my hard work instead of trying to copy him.

    John Chow is nice and all but John Cow is way cooler. 😉

  8. Justin

    Mariam – John Chow sucks. The funny thing is, that people will read this crap and stil stay subscribed to his feed. As I wrote in a recent post, he not only has trash information, but he can’t even write posts correctly.

  9. the noob Post author


    mariam-good point mariam. it’s about personality. you can only do so much with make money online blogs.

    arahman7-i like john’s blog. just don’t think everybody should praise it so much.

    netvestor-his monthly earnings report is very inspiring.

    blogtommy-yeah mariam had a good comment.

    forestparks-i find a lot of new bloggers via comments.

    terryheath-exactly my point.

    ryan-gotta be different. guess you like cow cause he’s pretty funny.

    justin-don’t know if he sucks. he make close to 30k a month. if that is sucking….i want in

  10. Allyn Paul

    When I began to look at blogging as a way to generate revenue, I went to John Chow everyday and SHoemoney too. I still have their feeds in my Google reader, but almost never click through to the site…like you said, just not alot there for me.
    I do still get some good info from ProBlogger..he comes across as sincere.

    I get some good info from you, Noob ….so keep it up!

  11. Shaun Carter

    It is very interesting to see how John’s blog has evolved from one about making money online to simply writing about whatever he wants. The funny thing is he makes more now than he did before!

  12. the noob Post author

    allyn-thanks allyn. i think problogger presents himself very professional. his blog is definately an authority…but it’s so boring. i think dosh dosh is better then problogger. and johncow is way better then johnchow

    joprotus-you’ll get something. but if you want to make money, you better look elsewhere too.

    shaun carter-just goes to show that internet business snowballs. thats why it’s so awesome. potential is huge.

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