Johnchow is the internet version of Tom Vu. I mean that as a compliment. He is great at getting attention and his marketing approach is brilliant. His track record speaks for itself. I downloaded his ebook back in July and i read it all the way through. The great thing was that his ebook wasn’t for sale. I don’t agree with everything that he says but there’s plenty of good sound advice for any blogger looking to monetize his site. made everyone on the net feel like they too could become a millionaire by blogging. A lot of blogs still use the theme he used back in the day.(Mistylook) Many try to imitate john and one site in particular carved out its own niche, Today he announced that his blog broke the $20,000/month barrier. Congrats john, not bad for a site that is a year old.
Started: Fall/2006
Who: John Chow
Income: Over $20,000/month
Alexa: 2405
Tecnorati: ?
Google: PR4
Other sites: TTZ
Unique visitors: 180,291/month
FunFacts: First month made only $352.92 on his blog.

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