Just write what you know

dontknow.jpgEvery blogging tip included this sentence. “Write what you know.” But i find that a lot of bloggers don’t go by this rule. I read people blogging about a topic and i can tell that they don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re just spitting out things they read on someone else’s blog. Don’t pretend you know something when you don’t. Give some credit to your readers, they’re not stupid. They’ll see right past your pseudo knowledge. Speaking from experience is the best source for your articles. If you don’t have any experience, then you better gain some. If you don’t know about an ad network or marketing trick, don’t pretend that you do. Just be honest. If you want to write about it, then try it out and speak of your experience. Don’t judge the site by what someone else wrote about it. I know a lot of bloggers are lazy. They don’t want to try new things. They don’t want to join stuff.They don’t want to click stuff. Clicking requires too much energy. Most bloggers just want to chill and write a few posts here and there. They might kiss some high profile ass, but they won’t get down and dirty to grow their blog. I know cause of what i see on people’s blogs.

I read a blog post about increasing RSS subscribers and i looked at the bloggers stat and saw a big 9. Wow! The audacity of this blogger! How do you write about increasing RSS subscriptions when you don’t even know how? Examples like this can be seen on a lot of blogs. Another post i read talked about getting more comments on your blog. Guess what, that post had zero comments. It’s like i’m at chruch seeing all these hypocrites. Practice what you preach. If it doesn’t work out for you, then don’t write about that topic cause obviously you just don’t know. It’s you’re blog and i guess you can write whatever you want, but if you want to build up your reader base, then don’t embarrass yourself by pretending to be such an awesome blogger.

I see a lot of these new make money bloggers trying to emulate johnchow. They put a car on their header. They pay him money to review their sites. They kiss his ass. They guest blog for him. They kiss his ass again. And i think to myself, wow, what an idiot. I’m a betting man. I look at odds and although i like to pull for the underdog, i know that percentages usually don’t lie. Let’s look at how many super blogs were born from johnchow’s ass. I don’t know know of any. Do you? Please correct me here if i’m wrong here. The blogging economy functions similarly like a poker table. Good bloggers make money off of bad bloggers. The money comes from the pockets of bad bloggers. The game can only go on when new(bad) bloggers join the game. Good bloggers don’t make money off of other good bloggers. Phil Helmuth isn’t making money off of Phil Ivey. He’s making money off of Joe schmoe. I think it’s safe to say that bloggers who pay Johnchow are bad bloggers. At least in this analogy anyway.

Some bloggers say that their reputation is important. I agree to a certain degree but if you have to kiss high profile ass to make it as a blogger, i don’t want to be in this blogging game. What happened to rock and roll? What happened to sticking it to the man? In the make money with your blog world, johnchow is the man. I honestly want to stick it to him. I know that i won’t ever be able to make what he makes with this make money blog. But that’s not my goal. I’m a realist. I blog cause it’s fun and i get to buy some toys with the side money i make from this blog. And hopefully i can help a few people make a little bit too. Most of these make money wannabes are delusional. They pay upwards of 2000 dollars to go to some stupid ass convention and pay for over priced reviews or links. It doesn’t make any sense to me. If they are lucky, they might break even after a year or so. But they’re not going to ever make johnchow money. I hope johnchow appreciate all the free press i’m giving him here. But i doubt it. Rant finished!

4 thoughts on “Just write what you know

  1. Justin Dupre

    Ah John Chow. I don’t ever think I will pay for an advertisement, ever. If they aren’t going to notice you until you pay for them to notice you… its like.. wtf. It’s like taking a bribe. Bullshit. I enjoy some of what he says, but half of it is just: Look at me, someone sent me free shit!

    Justin Dupre

  2. Richard Abelson


    Totally agree with you on this. I myself have a tendancy to think most people don’t have any originality nor passion in what they do. That is why there is so much same old same old on the web.

    And that is why people pay 2000.00 to go to a convention. You know if someone paid me 2000.00 to listen to me speak. I would take the first 10minutes and tell them to do themselves a favor and not listen to anything I was about to say, and develop some ideas on their own whether right or wrong and implement them.. That would probably do more than to have them sit and listen for 4 hours about what they “could” do…

    Anyway just started reading your blog, love your go out and do it attitude, its the only way to get ahead in any business.. And blogging is a business as far as I can tell…


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  4. the noob Post author

    justin- good idea. you can pay a little here and there if you want to reach your goal a litte sooner but it’s usually good to grow it organically. he blog is an informercial. or it’s like a pyramid scheme workshop. nobody’s making money but him and two of his downlinks. his bitches.

    richard abelson- thank you richard. felt good writing this rant and i’m glad someone agrees with me. seems like there are a lot of robots in the blogosphere. yup, if you can monetize it, it’s a business.

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