Keep your posts short

People ask me “noob, how long should my posts be?” No i’ve never been asked that by anyone but for the sake of this article lets just say i’ve been asked this question. I tell them that post lengths are important. Its important to keep it imformative and short. Nobody wants to read a long post. Most people don’t like reading. Most people don’t know how to read good. Also anything longer then a page becomes an essay not an article. Nobody likes to read essays. Even teachers don’t like reading articles. If you ever been to church you know how hard it is to pay attention to some long sermon. When the pastor prays and it goes longer then 3 mins you fall asleep. Can’t help it. When writing your post make sure you keep it short. Even if its a technical piece that needs to be explained throughly keep it at a minimum or break it up into sections. That way they will come back for the second and third installments. We are living in the internet age, the mtv generation and A.D.D. folks don’t want to stay around for some long ass post. I stop here before i write an essay myself.