Knowing is half the battle

carmen electra makes money onlineThis is kinda off topic but i want to do a mini rant. I got a call from a credit collecting agent earlier today. I was about to send a fax when i received the call. The sleazy credit collector was calling me about a credit card i had back in college. That account was cleared long time ago. I have proof of payment somewhere in my files. Anyway, i was trying to explain that his company got some wrong information, when he started to accuse me of lying. He tried to scare me by saying that my credit will get damaged. I told him that i will call the bank directly to clear it up, but he became really rule and started harassing me. These tricks might work for regular people. But, i know my rights. I know what these telemarketers are allowed to do. He crossed the line. I reported him and his company to BBB and filed a claim. If i receive another call, I will file a complaint with the FCC.

I was having a great day until that phone call. One little thing put me in a rotten mood. But, luckily i know my rights. Knowledge is power. It protects you from the scums of the earth. It protects you from people who are trying to take advantage of you. These scum are everywhere. You see a lot of them on “make money online blogs.” Be careful to not get scammed guys. Know your rights and know your options. Don’t pay for shit!

2 thoughts on “Knowing is half the battle

  1. sc

    thank goodness you didnt pay it. there is a name for that i forget. collection agencies pay pennies for this very old debts. DONT PAY THEM! even if you feel guilty and owe the money. I read an article on it. if you start paying ona 7, 10 12 year old debt that has long been off your credit report, pay it off after all these years with put it BACK on your credit report? that will be ANOTHER 7 or whatever years it will be on your report. if its paid like yours, fine. but for anyone reading, even ifs not paid, dont let it destroy your credit if its an very old bill.

  2. the noob Post author

    sc- yeah. these aggressive harassing debt collecting telemarketers should all get sued and put out of business. these leeches. scums of the earth i say.

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