Knowing which ads make money online

mandy makes money onlineHow do people make money online? The answer is simple, it’s all about advertising. It’s really quite amazing how people doubt the idea of making money online. When you think about it, it’s as easy as TV. If you’re one of those cautious types, think about television. You watch TV for free. You know that TV stars make a lot of money. Who pays those TV stars? Who pays for all the production costs? It’s all advertisers. Take that reasoning and apply it to the internet. When a site has regular visitors, advertisers want to put up their ads on that site. This applies to any type of advertising. It doesn’t matter if it’s print, radio, tv, or internet. If there are viewers, listeners, readers, or web surfers….advertisers will pay for ad spots.

I think people doubt the whole idea of making money online because there are a lot of “make money online” scams. I used to be cautious too. I wouldn’t believe such nonsense. But, now that i’ve made a few bucks with this blog and other websites, i know better. I know how the system works.

With that said, let me address the noobie bloggers who aren’t making any money online. You guys know of all the different types of ad programs, and how this stuff works. But you don’t make any money. Why is that? It’s probably because you don’t have traffic. Plain and simple. If you had traffic, something would convert into dollars. If you have traffic and you still aren’t making money online, you’re probably not using the right ad programs. You’re probably wasting your time with adsense or some shit like that.

Newbies think it’s easy to get clicks. That’s why so many people enter this game. But a few weeks into it, most people quit. Cause it’s hard. Making money online isn’t for everybody. It takes time to learn the process. It takes hard work. After you gain momentum and become experienced, it gets pretty easy. But you have to go thru the hard phase first. That’s what newbies don’t understand. You think Mozart was a master pianist when he was a baby? (bad example) You think Mozart wannabes could play piano when they were newbs? Nope. Then why do you expect to make tens of thousands of dollars from you lame ass blog when you’re still a noob?

Ad placement and ad selection is one of the most important things about website monetization. If you’re placing the wrong ads on your website, you’re not going to convert. What are the right type of ads? That’s the golden ticket. The answer to that question is what makes money online. Most people are not willing to share this information. The ones that are ever too eager to tell you are probably scammers. I won’t get into the specifics here.

Making money online is about knowing your audience. If you run a mommy blog, most likely your blog is read my other mommies. Mommy blogs talk about baby issues. Mommy blogs sometimes talk about sex. Mommy blogs talk about being a parents. It can also tackle the working from home issue. That’s where the successful mommy bloggers make money. Because other mommies want to make money from home, they’ll read and sign up for programs.

My “make money online” blog works because there’s always someone looking to make money online. I get income from referring others into ad programs. I get money because i’m slowly build up a reader base. I make money because my blog shows up in search engines. I refrain from using adsense because i know my readers. My readers aren’t the type to click on adsense ads. Most of them are noob bloggers. They know an adsense ad when they see one. (it says adsense on it…duh!)

That seems obvious, but i don’t think it is. I’ve seen hundreds, thousands of make money bloggers slap on adsense on their blogs. Kinda lame and sad. Now, let’s flip it around. Let’s say you run a niche blog. Let’s say that your blog is number one on google for a lot of specific search terms. Now, you’re attracting a different kinda of visitor. In this case, adsense is perfect. Especially if you get a lot of traffic on your blog. See what i’m getting at? This post is getting way too long. Noob out!

6 thoughts on “Knowing which ads make money online

  1. Matt

    Hah, you’re making sense noob, better watch out, some of us might actually start making some money soon!

  2. the noob Post author

    matt- haha, i welcome you to the make money world. Glad to see one of my readers making a few bucks.

    forest- no problem. yeah i send out a lot of email to potential buyers. i wish they fell into my hands. then i wouldn’t work so damn hard on this blog. 😉

  3. Jared Stenzel

    Great post. I pretty much agree with everything you said. The only thing I would change is that adsense is not complete garbage in some cases. It depends on the type of site, activeness, and where your traffic is coming from.

  4. the noob Post author

    jared- yeah, i agree. i think i wrote that in my post. adsense works for sites that are catered to non web savvy visitors.

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