Label caption describe your images

rihanna makes money onlineGoogle loves to send traffic via images. I receive a lot of hits from google images. Bloggernoob dot com isn’t the only blog that’s getting some google image love. I have a lot of blogs and i make sure that i post an image for each and every article i write. Putting up pictures is alwasy a good practice. Your readers will appreciate the illustration and google bots will visit more of you site because of you images.

When you insert images to you blog post, you should always label, caption, and describe your images. This makes your site and images more visible to the search engines. Even if a visitor doesn’t read any of you words, you still want that hit. Your traffic doesn’t have to be quality traffic. As long as a person clicks to your site, you will benefit from that hit. When you set out to sell links and ads, you will want to show off your traffic and rankings.

Adding the captions and descriptions doesn’t take a lot of time. Adding a pictures takes like 30 seconds. Make sure you always (ALWAYS) include a pic with description in your posts.

7 thoughts on “Label caption describe your images

  1. Phil

    Ok. This is a stupid reiteration. Simply posting a pic is going to boost your hits? Do they need to be from google images, or can they be any images?


  2. the noob Post author

    phil- any images. my point is to always post an image with your post. And to label them with keyword rich text. Caption, description, everyting. just fill your image with text. name your image with keywords, etc.

    So such such thing as stupid questions or reiterations. 😉

  3. Matt

    Do you also change the name of images you put on your site, maybe resize them etc to get the most value from this. Otherwise it seems like you might be setting yourself up for a dup content penalty?

  4. the noob Post author

    matt- i do all the edits of the images in photoshop. I try to make the iamge relavant. if the pic is of brit spears, i try to put brit or spears in the name. i don’t just put “money”. I rarely worry about penalties. I’m for tweaking. If i lost pr or get banned for whatever, i learn and move on. I can afford to do so cause i have a lot of blogs in my collection. Another good reason to multiple blog. I say don’t make it too obvious when your working the search engines. but don’t be too afraid of penalties, and etc

  5. nitro2k01

    Myself, I never put an image in a post just for the sake of doing so. But whenever it is relevant I do post images, and I do giving them appropriate alt tags. And voilà, I get (judging from the search engine queries) quality traffic.
    Having said that, my game is not about making money, but about blogging about geeky things because I feel like it.

  6. the noob Post author

    nitro- awesome. it’s very noble of you to not do it for the money. doing it for the love of the game is awesome. But u know what, it’s also nice to make some side cash isn’t it? 😉

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