Lakers win and noob make money online

lakers make money onlineThe greatest thing about blogging is that i have total control about the content of my blog. I don’t have to answer to anyone. My blog is a make money online blog, but i don’t have to talk about making money online. With this post, i won’t. I feel like talking about the Lakers today.

If you’re not a basketball fan, maybe this years finals will convert you. Lakers vs. Celtics is as good as it gets. I grew up watching Magic and the Lakers. I think i was in love with Ervin. I even cried when he made the famous press confrence. “Because of the HIV virus i have attained, i will have to retired from the Lakers, today.” I thought the man was gonna die. But i guess it’s hard to die when you’re rich. Anyway, let’s talk about the finals. Let’s talk about the Lakers vs. Celtics. Let’s talk about the LAKERS!

I think imma call this with Lakers in 6. Kobe is a winner. Garnet, Pierce, Allen are not. It almost seems scripted that these two teams should meet. It will help the NBA‘s ratings, and Phil Jackson needs one more championship to surpass Red. It seems fitting that he has to beat the celts to do it.

Lakers vs Celtics used to be, white vs black. Grunt vs Flash. Showtime vs Slowtime. It’s going to be different this time around. Both teams have a lot of talent. Celtics have an advantage cause it’s spread out more, but let’s not underestimate the Jordanesque nature of Kobe.

I’m a grown man. I used to love basketball, but because of my busy life, i forget how it feels to cheer for a sports team. This series is like magic potion. I feel like a kid again. So excited. After the game, maybe i’ll call up a few friends and play a little pick up game. Hopefully i don’t get hurt. Hopefully i pretend i’m Kobe with the shot clock winding down. 3, 2, 1. Lakers win! Lakers Win!

11 thoughts on “Lakers win and noob make money online

  1. the noob Post author

    jay- i smell a nasty bet going. lakers lost the first game, but i’ll still take you up on your offer. 😉 bring it!

    nwihoops- you will be disappointed. 😉

    desmond- malaysia ehh. i wanna visit there one of these days. can you recommend some hot spots? how much are 4 star hotels in malasia?

  2. the noob Post author

    jay- haha. u should have hit me up before tonight game. i would have been down. lakers haven’t lost the series yet, but it’s not lookin so good. ;(

  3. Jay

    LOL! Noob, you really need to start checking your e-mails. I e-mailed you on Saturday but I guess you must’ve been holding out to see what happens in Game 2 😛 LOL!


  4. bloggernoob

    jay- sorry, i just saw your email today. i wasn’t holding out 😉 i’ll still take the bet tho. what do you want? link bet? $5 bet? it’s probably best to keep it small and friendly. How about this, loser links to winner’s blog and sends $5 via paypal. Leave me a comment here to confirm the bet. 😉 you’re going down sucka!

  5. Jay

    Hey Noob,

    I got a better bet… how about the loser just writes a post saying they lost this bet BUT they have to write in the title something on the lines of “I lost a bet – Celtics are the best team EVER!”

    It’ll just be funnier because whoever loses (you lol) will just have to admit defeat in the bet, that’s it.

    Let me know.

    Oh, and did you get the e-mail for the winner of the review you sponsored for my contest?


  6. bloggernoob

    jay- sounds good. so when u lose, you have to write something like “Lakers are awesome and Kobe is my king” you’re going down sucka 😉

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