Last night in Cali and father time

time.jpgSorry guys for missing a few posts today. Been very busy the past two days with figuring out the details of the house i want to purchase. I opened escrow for the property. I think it’s a good investment and i think it will be pretty amazing once i fix it up.

I really love the weather here in California. When i lived here, i was spoiled. Living in Chicago makes me appreciate LA’s weather.

Anyway, back to money making thoughts. I haven’t been active the past two days with my posting. It shows in my traffic and it shows in the amount of money this blog makes. I know the numbers collected from two days is not enough to form a case study but i will share with you guys the patterns, i’m seeing.

I now spend less then two hours a day on this blog. 30 mins here and an hour there and another 30 mins in between. The first week i spent countless hours tweaking and retweaking the site. Changing the layout and theme and rearranging the ads etc. Now it’s pretty much on auto pilot expect for my writing.

The great thing about a blog is that, once you go thru the initial setup, it’s pretty low maintenance. I try to reply the comments and emails for like 30 mins. Then i write my posts. If i don’t have enough time, i post a draft i made for days like this. That’s why it’s crucial to keep a backlog of draft articles in your admin.

After writing a couple of posts, i check for any paid postings. It’s important to check everyday for new opportunities. Some of them get reserved very quickly so make sure you check whenever you can. After i do my posting gigs, i visit other blogs to see what’s going on in the blogging world. I get my read on and then head on back to my blog. Don’t go overboard with reading tho, remember that you also author a blog. Generally you want to spend more time on your blog then on someone else’s.

I mentioned how important it is to be in the know about the blogging world. This keeps your blog fresh but more importantly, it gives you ideas on what to blog about. Great sites to hit up are, Techcrunch, Boingboing, perezhilton, engadget, and gizmodo. These are the giant blogs that feature the breaking news from each niche. Cause this is a make money blog, i also hit ut doshdosh, johnchow, and johncow. There are a lot of smaller and medium size blogs that are great but hard to mention all of them. Maybe later i’ll list a few that i visit on a regular basis. But it’s usually a great habit to read up on whats going on in the blogging world.

I spend the last 30 mins or so writing on my other blogs. I know how hard it was to start this blog from the ground up so i want to make it easier for my other blogs. I figure that getting some posts up on those blogs will help to get it’s ranking up. And It does. Alexa ranking was recently updated and all of my other blogs have jumped in rank. Blogger noob jumped up to 324032. I was at over 600k. Not too shabby. Too bad this blog won’t get a google pagerank cause of my paid posting. But i really don’t care cause, im able to monetize my site via Payperpost. I’ll make sure my other blogs are free of paid posting so i could play get some google love with those blogs.

After all of this is done, i like to look at my stats on awstat and google analytics. If you haven’t installed google analytics yet, you gotta get on the boat. It provides you with all the information needed to help you analyze your site. Hence google analytics. The last thing i do….i pat myself on the back for a job well done.

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