Lazy make money online noobies

rachel bilson makes money onlineI don’t know what it is with the new batch of “make money online” noobies. When i was a noobie, i worked my butt off to make money online. I was trying to get as much info as i could. I did a lot of things that probably was a waste of time, but i consider that to be a good learning experienced. I made sure that i didn’t fall victim to any scams. I made sure that i didn’t pay for any scammy programs. I tried to process what i understood at the time to make a few bucks here and there.

I visit a lot of different blogs that noobies set up. My blog is catered to noobies, so it is important that i do this type of research. I need to understand how a noobie thinks. I am able to make money with this blog. I not that much of a noob anymore. So i need to research how the new noobies think. It seems like a lot of the new bloggers in this niche are lazy. They don’t even put in the effort. How on earth are you expecting to make money with you blog, when you are not willing to go after some paying gigs. Don’t be so lazy noobies.

3 thoughts on “Lazy make money online noobies

  1. 101DoFollowBlogs

    I’ve heard some good things about this blog. Remember to balance the pics with the text tho. cheers!

  2. KushMoney

    I have notice that noobs these days are lazy or just dumb. They will sit there and waste your time asking questions that you and me had to learn on our own even if it only took 5 mins to google and find the information. They ask me the most basic questions and ask me to do things for them. I can start my own SEO company from all these noobs being lazy. :)

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