Learn from an ebook?

ebook.jpgIt’s 2008 and people are still pushing ebooks. When i say ebook, i’m referring to every useless ebook type thing. This includes the 3000 dollar taped videos that shoe is trying to push. This includes $1500 convention tickets. I can’t believe how backwards internet marketers are. First of all, the info contained in ebooks are all freely available. Second of all, blogging for money isn’t very complex. Making money from your blog isn’t easy, but it doesn’t require reading ebooks. It’s not like medical school. Some may say that conventions are useful cause of the contacts you make. Bullshit! I’ve been to several and even spoke at one and i consider it a waste of time and money. If you want to meet johnchow and shoe so bad, just write them a few love letters. Send them a t shirt. It’s cheaper.

Blogging is like poker. Simple game right. But takes years to get good. Doesn’t take years of reading poker books tho. You won’t learn by going to poker conventions. You won’t learn by watching Poker on ESPN either. It takes years of experience. Takes years to play and learn the feel of the game. The basic theory and math of poker can be learned in a few days, tops. Percentages and whatnot can be memorized in a few hours. All for free on websites and forums. Same with blogging. Making money is all about traffic. Getting traffic is hard for noob bloggers. It’s only understandable you’d look to guys who are already super bloggers to find the answers. But in reality, they don’t have the answers. They don’t know how to turn a no name blog into another superblog. If they set up a new blog incognito, no one would go visit that blog. If they didn’t promote it on their superblog, that blog would just be another wordpress blog. So why do noob bloggers feel like they’ll learn anything from them?

They have established blogs but they did the same thing as everybody else. Some got popular and kept getting popular for some reason. It usually helps to show a big fat check or something like that. Shoemoney has his google check plastered on his blog. That check wasn’t from his shoemoney blog. It was from some other site. I think that’s his strongest asset. His past laurels. He’s a pretty good marketer tho. I know he developed auction ads but honestly, auction ads suck. Do you know anyone who made money off of auction ads besides shoe? I don’t.

Let me give you a scenario. Let’s say that a noob blogger was givin johnchow’s blog. No body knew of this deal. The noob blogger continued to use the same guest bloggers. The noob blogger would write some restaurant reviews. Only thing the noob blogger wouldn’t have his john’s picture at conventions and such. Do you think that blog would still make over 10k a month? Probably.

Now lets say johnchow(incognito) started a new make money blog. He can’t use his name or pictures or link from his old site. Do you think johnchow could grow it into another johnchow dot com? Nope!

My point is, don’t look to super bloggers to grow your blog. You won’t get noticed and you won’t learn anything. I keep hammering this idea but i guess it just doesn’t penetrate. You have to visit small and medium blogs. Wait! Not all small and medium blogs are the same. If a small and medium blogger kisses johnchow’s ass, you should avoid that blog. Seek blogs that are small that tell it like it is. Don’t read blogs that teach you how to sell ebooks. Cause they’ll try to sell you their ebook. Every time you visit a new blog, think about what they’re trying to sell you. If you already have it or if you don’t need it, don’t read that blog. What am i trying to sell with my blog? I’m selling paid posting and hosting affiliates. I won’t ever sell an ebook. I’m not even telling you to read my blog. If you don’t like my blog, leave and seek another small or medium blog. Don’t go to johnchow tho.

15 thoughts on “Learn from an ebook?

  1. Berryvox

    I’ve never understood why people waste $20 or more for ebooks when information is scattered all over the web or at your local library.

    I don’t really blog for money but I’ve noticed the same thing in other areas like crafting and guides about “How to level to 70 in World of Warcraft fast”

  2. JustChris

    “Don’t read blogs that teach you how to sell ebooks. Cause they’ll try to sell you their ebook.”

    This is how they get you. If I want to learn how to be an affective salesperson, I don’t want to inadvertently give my money to another salesperson because that sends a mixed message to him. Are you there to assist me, or to help you compete against me? Pick one.

  3. the noob Post author

    grademoney- i like to keep it real. real dumb. :)

    berryvox- exactly! goes to show a lot of web surfers are lazy and stupid. great combination for making money online.

    mike- well everybody has to start somewhere. hopefully there were a few useful tips you got out of it. and hopefully you didn’t buy those ebooks. and if you did, hopefully you’ll never waste your money like that again.

    justchris- yeah. i think you have to always ask yourself, what are they trying to sell me? read blogs with the telemarketer phone call mentality. be ready to hang up as soon as you smell a pitch.

    thepropertypundit- steve! welcome. always a pleasure when you drop by. you like the pic ehh. who wouldn’t. and thanks for ur support. i guess there are 200 plus lost bloggers out there. hopefully my some of my posts are useful to them

    turnip- they make me laugh too. and then i cry. i weep for them.

    healthytips- ur joking right? being ironic? sarcastic?

  4. Ben Barden

    I think you’ve made lots of good points here. Some thoughts:

    Berryvox said: “I’ve never understood why people waste $20 or more for ebooks when information is scattered all over the web or at your local library”. The key here is that the information is “scattered all over the web”. Wouldn’t it be easier to have some of the best information in one place?

    Noob, do you think that ebooks are flawed because people charge for them, or because of the technology (i.e. PDF)? Personally, I prefer reading blogs, but sometimes it may be very convenient to get an ebook and print it out to read over a period of time. Or just refer to it every now and again.

    Do you feel the same about free ebooks?

    I agree with you in principle re: the scenarios you outlined above. The best known bloggers could not guarantee success for a brand new blog if nobody knows it’s them. But that doesn’t mean that over a sustained period of time, they couldn’t have some degree of success. It really depends on how you measure success.

    There is also the point that some blogs may never make it big because they lack quality content. There is a certain amount of “right place right time” but I think you’re far more likely to get your blog read by lots of people if you write good posts.

    I totally agree that new bloggers may have more luck if they look at small to medium sized blogs to help grow their own blog. Particularly when it comes to commenting. Many smaller blogs will reply to every comment – this isn’t true of the bigger blogs.

  5. the noob Post author

    ben barden- i’ve read that a thousand times. how it’s worth the price cause all the info is not scattered. how it’s all in one ebook. only problem is. when i use a book or ebook to find info, it takes longer. i can’t use search engines to find the text that i need etc. i honestly believe its easier to find info faster online. why thumb thru a book or pdf ebook when i can use the worlds most powerful search engine. just learn how to use search engines. wow, i think i’m going to write a post about this. ben, thanks for this informative comment.

    I think charging people for stuff they can get for free is kinda shaddy. and it doesn’t work anymore. it did like two years ago,,,but not anymore. i don’t have problems with free ebooks. and i think it could be a good marketing strategy. like johnchow’s ebook, don’t know how useful it is, but i think it’s cool that it’s free.

    Long run of big bloggers getting more ahead then your average noob sounds accurate. but my point was to show that the different isn’t that big. of course they might be slightly better writers, marketers, bloggers. but not enough to charge those heftly fees or worship them like celebrities.

    Content is really important. it’s actually the only thing bloggers should be selling. updated info that is fast, fun and informative. Ben thanks again for this comment, very good way to grow your blog. If you leave comments like this on other small and medium blogs, your site will grow big time. i’m already a fan.

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  7. the noob Post author

    jackie- thanks! i’m glad you enjoyed the post. make money blogs are usually boring so i’m glad i was able to make u chuckle. cheers

  8. app

    My most successful blog is about ebooks…free ones. And not silly ‘get rich quick & easy’ stuff…I list the serious ebooks on programming.

    There is money to be made in pointing out who is giving away the good stuff for free.

    Everybody likes free stuff and if you give them enough, they will beat a path to your door, bring friends, and keep coming back for more.

    So ebooks aren’t that bad. 😀

  9. the noob Post author

    app- i don’t have problems with free ebooks. i think it’s cool that some bloggers give away free ones. my beef is with the overpriced useless ebooks. i think it’s probably faster, cheaper, and easier to find the same info online. that’s why we all love google right. i guess we just need to learn how to effectively use the mighty search engine. have it filter out all the porn and scams. you’re right tho, i think there’s a lot of money to be made in ebooks. if you work it right. :)

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