Learn from the Wii

tara.jpgNintendo was a company that was losing ground. It was considered a dinosaur in the console gaming industry. The power, speed, and sex appeal of playstation and xbox were too much for nintendo. They had to do something and do it fast.

The Noob owns a Nintendo Wii. I love it. It’s fun cause it’s simple and cute. I like playing bowling with dinner guests. It’s playable for all age groups. Wii utilizes motion sensor technology. This technology isn’t anything new, but it’s new to the gaming industry. Anyone who’s played Wii tennis before will attest that it’s far from perfect. Regardless, it’s a fun little game.

What lessons can we learn from the Wii. From a marketing stand point, focus your attention on the demographic. Wii, captured the mass market. It got non conventional gamers to try and buy their product. Grandparents and parents started fighting for these consoles.

Wii, also took advantage of a technology that hasn’t been used before. And at an age where everything is becoming too complex, they simplied things for us.

When you’re setting up any type of website, adopt the strong traits of the Wii. Unless you have a niche website, make sure that your site caters to a wide demographic. Get the noobies to try out your product or service. Make sure that the newbies can easily understand the information contained in your website.

5 thoughts on “Learn from the Wii

  1. Ben Barden

    I’ve always been a big Nintendo fan and I love the Wii. I’m pleased to see Nintendo doing well out of it. I’ve never been a PlayStation or an XBOX guy but even looking at the merits of those systems, the games had become old and tired. Everything was just the same engine with nicer graphics. You can only play the same games so many times. The Wii is genuinely enjoyable and so much more fun to play than the PS or the XBOX. (my opinion, obviously) 😀

  2. the noob Post author

    ben- if you have mario kart on wii, we should play it online together sometime :)

    my wife wants me to buy her the new wii fit. looks pretty cool

  3. asithi

    I pre-ordered Wii Fit. I cannot wait! Almost every night ends with a round of Mario Kart with my husband. The Wii is great for get togethers.

  4. bloggernoob

    asithi- we should play some multi online! wii fit looks interesting, but not sure how responsive the foot pads will be. I have dance dance revolution on wii, and it’s terrible. Guitar hero rocks tho. I rock on guitar hero!

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