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learntoblog.jpgI think that a lot of bloggers are confused about what a blog really is. Blogs are not essays. Blogs won’t be graded by a teacher. Blogs should not be professional. Blogs should be up to the minute. Blogs should voice opinions and should have personality. If you are new to blogging, it’s important to understand what type of blog you first want to set up. If you read an A-list blog and want to copy it, you’re setting yourself up for failure. If you already set up a copycat blog, it’s ok, just change direction of your blog ASAP.

Any and every blog can get some visitors. Marketing and networking should bring you new visits if it’s done right. Once people click to your site, you’ll want to make them read and come back to read again. That’s the only way to grow a blog. After your initial marketing and networking, you want your content to bring new visitors right? You don’t want to spend hours on web forums after your blog is 3 months old do you? After a month or so, you’ll want to lesson the time spent on promoting your blog and more time on creating content. The only way to do that is by writing good content.

What’s good content for a blog? It’s something that people will want to continually read. It’s something people will want to link to. It should be entertaining and funny. Even a make money blog should be a fun read. If it’s not, you’ll probably not get a lot of daily visitors. Don’t write it like it’s an essay. It doesn’t have to sound pseudo intellectual. Just try to write it like you’re having a conversation with your reader. Try to pretend you’re sending an email to a buddy.

Blogs won’t be graded by one individual. It’ll be graded by all of your visitors. Some will hate you and your blog. Some will love it. That’s just how it works. Don’t try to impress everyone. Just try to keep it real with yourself. I have a make money blog. Make money bloggers usually have to sell their soul to whore out their blog. I do this too with sponsored posts, but i try to keep my un-sponsored posts as real as i can. I don’t do it for you, i do it for me. I still want to have fun with this make money blog. It’s not fun kissing ass. If i don’t like something or someone, i want the freedom to bash them. It’s my blog and i’ll cry if i want to…cry if i want to.

We’ve all read blogging advice right? A lot of them recommend professionalism. I say WTF?!?! I’m actually anti professionalism. When i think of professionalism, i think of big corporations. I think of stiff, censored, and commercial content. Bloggers that seem “professional” turn me off. I can tell that they are trying to sell me something. I know that they will have to push a certain program for personal gain. I know they can’t be honest with their blog. Think Lawyers.

If your blog doesn’t have personality, then nobody will read it. It’s like reading something a robot wrote. You should voice opinions and discuss news that is up to the minute. That’s the only way to compete with big media. That’s the only way you’ll get ranked in search engines.

Before you set up a new blog, think about what i’ve said. If you have a blog that isn’t performing, maybe you should change it up a bit by making less professional. Write honest posts and stop kissing ass. It’s ok to admit that you don’t know how to blog. I’m still a noob and i learning how to blog each and every day. Don’t pretend to be an expert in your field. I know a lot of bloggers claim that they are….but all of them are not. Don’t be one of the liars! Even if you’re a seasoned blogger, learn how to blog again. Internet changes everyday. Change with it.

3 thoughts on “Learn how to blog

  1. Living on Adsense

    Jules from Pulp Fiction: Personality goes a long way.

    A shot of Jim Beam before you begin blogging will ad some great personality to your blog (and probably some interesting content as well)!

  2. the noob Post author

    living on adsense- haha. why stop at a shot of j bean. how about some maui wowie. what do they call a whopper? i don’t know…didn’t go to burger king.

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