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url of my permalinkOk Newbies. I keep getting emails about this issue. Some of you don’t know what permalinks are. Permalinks are the “permanent links” of the posts that you write for you blog. The URL you see next to my “bloggernoob” favicon is the permalink of that particular post. The default setting for your wordpress permalink is something ugly. It usually looks something like “http://www.bloggernoob.com/?p=123” As you continue to learn how to blog, you will find that it’s best to change your permalink setting ASAP.

The default permalink isn’t just ugly, this can end up hurting you in google search. Google doesn’t like numbers. The web crawlers wants your site to have a lot of letters. They want to crawl real words, not just ugly alpha numeric code. That’s why, you should make sure that your wordpress permalink structure is set to “custom” right when you set up your blog. If you don’t set it up in the beginning, you could end up with some missing links when you change your link structure later. I had to deal with this issue after a couple months of blogging. It was a major pain in the arse.

It’s a quick and easy fix, something that is obvious, but since i’ve been getting a few emails about this issue, i decided to right another post about it. This time, i will include some screen shots. Newbies love screen shots.

change your permalink structureLogin to your wordpress admin. Hit the “settings” tab and click on “permalinks” Click on custom. You can select any one of the other link structures beside default.

custom permalinkI think having your post title and date is probably best. To do that, insert the code
( /%postname%/%day%/ ) This reduces the numbers portion of the link and limits any link confusion. If you just set it to show the post title, you might have problems with two different posts with the same link.

This is simple enough, but if you still find yourself having trouble with your permalinks, shoot me an email at admin@bloggernoob.com

21 thoughts on “Learn to blog change permalink structure

  1. Matt

    I’m using month and name instead of custom, does that make much of a difference? And if I change it will it hurt my SEO?

  2. the noob Post author

    matt- i think it’s alright, i personally like having the text show before the number. But i don’t think it should be a problem. As far as SEO, i don’t think it will hurt it. I say leave it the way it is. 😉

  3. nitro2k01

    My theory is that querystring URL’s won’t hurt your page rank, but Google will only index a limited amount of them. Iow, you’ll have more of your blog indexed if you use fancy URL’s.
    Feel free to prove me wrong, but my reason to switch was mainly because te fancy permalinks look better.

  4. the noob Post author

    grademoney- thanks

    nitro- icic. i can’t prove you wrong. 😉 i like the way it looks too. it’s good to get in the habit of switching to custom permalinks with all your blogs. in my opinion

  5. Goacom

    Nitro – blogspot still shows the year and the month in theie default. How to get that off my back?

    Also I wish I could learn more about promoting specific permalinks

  6. Geekmom

    After switching my blog over from blogspot to wordpress awhile ago and importing the data I kind of let my blogpost “categories” turn into categories on my WordPress blog. It’s such a big ugly mess now. I’m removing them and making them part of the permalink but I hope it doesn’t do anything to my ranking. I’m a PR3 now and going up. “shudder to think if it goes south”

  7. larry

    I intend to set my permalink structure to display something like this..


    i tried changing the permalink structure to /%category%//%postname%/ but the result that i got was…


    the word category was visible in the permalink…I want the name of the category to be there and not the word category. Any pointers in that regard? thanks..

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