Legal and Copyright hurdles

legal.jpgBefore i started this blog, i was concerned with copyright issues. I didn’t know what was legal. I wasn’t sure what was allowed. After this blog launched, i was careful in not using anything that i felt was the property of others. This included images and logos.

I’m a real estate developer. I deal with lawyers all the time. Althought they don’t deal with copyright issues, i asked them a few questions. They told me to stay clear of anything that belongs to others. Don’t touch anything that you don’t own. So in the beginning, i tried to only use images that i took with my camera. This gets pretty tedious. It slowed down my posting. I was spending so much time. I didn’t and don’t ever want to blog full time. So i started using images i found on the web. I haven’t yet heard of a complaint or dealt with any issues.

From what i know of the legal system, i can tell you that you’re safe from using images you find on the web. You’re safe cause you blog won’t ever grow into a monster blog. If it does, deal with the legal and copyright issues then. Right now, your blog only gets a hundred hits a day. This is nothing. No one will even notice if you used their image or not. Of course, if you can you should get permission. But if you are writing on the fly, don’t worry yourself with such issues. It’ll only slow you down.

If you receive an email or notice to remove copyright stuff, then remove it. No blood no foul. It’s expensive to use the legal system. It’s expensive and slow. No body wants to go through that. So most likely, you won’t face any legal problems. If you do, it means that your blog is growing into a giant. That’s great news. Then you should start watching out for these issues. Until then, don’t concern youself with such matters. The pictures i post of Scarlet Johanson aren’t mine. I found them online. But i probably will never face legal problems cause my humble blog is a blimp on the internet. If my site grew to johnchow level, then i would be a bit more careful. Until then, i’ll find the sexiest Scarlet pictures and post them on my blog worry free.

Disclaimer- The Noob is not a lawyer. If you take legal advice from me, you are an idiot. I’m just saying what’s on my noob mind. :)

11 thoughts on “Legal and Copyright hurdles

  1. Jason

    You can use images from SXC.HU and other free stock photo sites without any fear of legal repercussion, as long as you don’t sell them of course 😀

  2. witchypoo

    I signed an agreement to provide only original content. Now I watermark my images. A lot of people will just hotlink to images and steal bandwidth. I got around that by using Flickr for image storage, but nobody wants to see their images used without credit on someone else’s blog. Especially if the images are of the younguns.

  3. Ana

    I would also recommend using There are great shots around which can be used for free. Maybe one day your blog will grow to a johnchow one :-)

  4. Mohit

    Hey, I have done a little research on this and found that you can use the images from any website on your blog just leave a image credit link and there will no legal issues.

    I hope this helps


    Mohit Aneja
    Sharing Best Practices!!

  5. Biztone

    I struggled with this for a while now. I try and give credit on non-stock photos. I think you have a very good point. When the text is used from elsewhere, I quote it or credit the source. I just try and give my readers the best. Thanks for posting this!

  6. Bibi

    I only have a couple of month blogging, must of my post are information about business from news website. One time by mistake i forgot to linkback, and the website story that i got it from send me a warning about taking there story, something that was not my intention in the first place but i was misunderstood. Lately i been trying to write my own stuff but i don’t always have the time.
    Here the post i did about what happen :

  7. the noob Post author

    bari- thanks

    jason- thanks for the info. seems like a cool site.

    witchypoo- good point. one of the reasons why i never post personal info or pics.

    ana- don’t want chow’s fame, but i wouldn’t mind his stated cash. even if he’s lying about his income, im sure he make’s more then me. :)

    mohit- thanks for sharing that info. not sure of legal issues, but giving a link usually eases the pain. they usually won’t complain if you link to them. or give them credit.

    jared- my female readers don’t think so. but im glad u like them. i know i do

    mike- u could take precautions like that. watermarks, etc. but my only problem is the fact that it’s time consuming. blogging takes a lot of time as it is, why add to it with such things. i have a photoblog, but i don’t bother with watermarking them, i figure if they steal my content, they steal it. it’s basically the oportunity cost of time spent on blogging.

    biztone-glad u liked this post. i think most people know what the right thing to do is. try to ask for permission, give a link, etc. but when ur posting on the fly, don’t be too worried about copyright issues. just keep posting.

    bibi-did u copy the whole article? verbatin? i think it’s interesting that they were able to find the article.

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