lesko.jpgFree Government grants with Lesko. I bought this book years ago. Why? Cause i was up late one night eating taco bell and nothing else was on tv. The guy with the wacky dollar sign suit get me all riled up about government grants. I bought the book and i remember thinking….no more late night taco bell sessions.

It was disappoint to say the least. The book had no concrete information about getting government grants. It was just a directory of government agencies. I’m not saying the book was a total waste of money, but i could easily find the info online for free. It definitely wasn’t worth $50.

I think most if not all ebooks are like this. You get all excited cause of the landing page and make an impulse buy. The book isn’t really going to teach you anything and most likely you’ll never read the book all the way through. Still the ebook market does really well cause people approach making money online with a half-ass attitude.

There is a wealth of free information on the internet. Even BloggerNoob dot com has some semi useful “make money online” information. Don’t think that you need to purchase a silly ebook to start making money online. Get a domain and hosting and start working. If you get stuck, ask questions in webmastering forums or hit me up.