Lesson learned from LLL.com and LLLL.com

make money online with hyori and llll.com domainsThe LLLL.com market is feeling the strains of summer. A lot of short term investors are selling their LLLL.com portfolios because the they don’t want to weather the storm. Domain names cost money and short term investors don’t want to pay the ante. I keep mentioning domain names and domain investing because i believe it to be an integral part of making money online. For most of you, you won’t be able to afford LLL.com domains, but there is still great opportunity in LLLL.com domains.

History says that LLLL.com domain names will prove to be very profitable. Look at LLL.com domains. There was a period when LLL.com investors wanted out. The domainers that held on to these domain names ended up making a lot of money in two years time. You can’t find a LLL.com domain for under $6,000. That’s just for the domain. (no website) Think about it. There are only 17,576 LLL.com domains out there. No matter how ugly the letter combination is, it’s still easy to remember. It’s the same now, but it’s with LLLL.com domains. You can buy a LLLL.com for around 30 dollars for an ugly letter combination. Even these ugly four letter dot coms will increase in value. Two years from now, your 30 dollar investment could be sold for $200. Who know. The best part is, that these domains have value without a developed site. You guys are bloggers so, why not make the domain even more valuable by developing a blog on it.

LLLL dot com domains are great because they are short. They are easy to remember and there is limited supply. There are only 456,976 LLLL.com domains out there. This limited supply almost guarantees appreciation. There are letter combination that don’t mean anything. They don’t roll off the tongue. But, you have to think globally. The “one laptop per child” project and the iphone will make the internet even more popular. Need for short brandable domains will make your LLLL.com investment a safe bet. No matter what new domain extensions come out, dot com will still be king.

You should think long term when you invest in these domains. Don’t try to flip them for an easy profit. Plan a long term stategy. My background is in real estate, so i know the value of long term strategies. Historically, real estate is always a solid investment. Right now, the market is bad. I know cause my business is struggling. But, i also know that when times are bad, money is to be made. I know a lot of nervous real estate investors who want to sell out. But they shouldn’t think like that. Now is the time to buy cause prices are so low. It’s the same with domains. These virtual real estate properties are great investments. LLLL.com domains have gone down in value compared to prices from a few months ago. That’s why it’s a good time to buy. If you bought these domains when prices were high, you should buy more now. It’s called dollar cost averaging. And if you don’t have one yet, invest in one. Or if you are too cheap or can’t afford it, win a free LLLL.com in my contest.

Four letter dot com domains are cheap right now. From the highs of Feb of 2008, it is now cheap to get into this game. I know a lot of you probably don’t care much for domaining. You guys are mostly noobie bloggers. Let me tell you that you can make money online with domains. There are tens of thousands of successful domainers who make full time income by buying and selling domains. I got into this game not to long ago. I actively started buying and selling domains about two months ago. My domain portfolio now hoovers over 300 domains. A lot of them are LLLL.com domains. I’ve probably made over $2,000 buying and selling domain names. It’s a fun little hobby, but i see the potential for more. I can actually see this as a business. In my opinion, domaining is a hell of a lot better then blogging for dollars.

The moral of this story is that you have to seek out new opportunities. The internet is always changing and you have to think and act fast if you want to make money online. Making money by blogging might have been a good thing to do a year ago. But now, the market is flooded. There are only a few MMO bloggers who make any real money. Most medium MMO bloggers are selling out and exiting this niche. Be open to other money making ventures online. A few years from now, you’ll be reading about how you should have bought LLLL.com domains. The writer will mention how you should pick up LLLLL.com domains. Man i wish i could go back to 1996. I’d sell off all of my real estate holdings and buy up every LL, LLL dot com domains. When you’re starting to make money online, don’t just limit yourself to blogging. Noob out!

22 thoughts on “Lesson learned from LLL.com and LLLL.com

  1. Rob

    I always think about how I should invested in google years and years ago when I had the chance. 4 letter domain names are tempting me just the same. I’m just so impatient that I would really like to find the money that is to be made right at this second, which is why I persist in finding ways to make money blogging NOW.

    Domain investing is smart for the future, and only requires a minimal investment when you consider the day in a few years when you remember “Oh, hey, I have a couple 4 letter domain names. What’s that? Wow. You mean to tell me I can get 20 times my initial investment! Right on!”

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  3. Usman

    Great post. I think LLLL.com are good but where would recommend to buy them. Like I found this good LLLL.com get sold for only $20 it was easy to remember I seriously think the seller was an idiot.

  4. the noob Post author

    rob- i missed that boat too. wish i had me some google stock. still, the opportunity is now. you don’t want to look back on today and say, Damn! It’s like that with real estate. Luckily, i got a few properties in L.A. In 1999.

    usman- thanks. are you asking me where you can find good LLLL.com domains? I was going to write a followup post about it. spreading out the posts into sections. Don’t want to run dry on content. 😉 I usually buy them on tdnam, ebay, namepros, sedo. You have to look around to get the good deals. most holders of LLLL.com domains are domain investors. A lot of them are selling now because they don’t want to pay for renewal. May i ask what letter combination was sold for $20? And where you saw the transaction. I would have bought it for sure!

  5. Dollar Dude

    I don’t know why that fella’ sold it out for mere $20.

    I am having one more question for you. Why are you using unrelated pictures for your posts? (Anyhow I like the pictures as well as your posts…(lol))

  6. Blackhatseo

    I think you should post more often, I have enjoyed this so far. Added to my reader. Btw, my blog is dofollow, stop by and grab a link. SusanO

  7. BSAwards

    I own about 80 domain names right now. Would have bought more, but figured I’d play this hand for awhile. I have a few LLLL.com domains in my portfolio that I’m holding on to for the foreseeable future.

    The only wildcard I can see in this strategy is the opening of new DLTs. Unlike land, domains can be created from nothing that way. Those might take a few dot com domains down in value. But then the search engines get richer (I might just buy some Google stock instead).

  8. KushMoney

    This explains why my friend has over 400 domains. I really didn’t think about buying domains just to sell in 2 years. I am going to look for cheap domains.

  9. m.dinesh

    Ya, u r right,
    They will become more costlier than now what ever the letter combination may be. I had some money i would have bought different llll.com combination and save them for future selling.

  10. Helen

    Domain names, especially LLLL.com domains can definitely present some good investment opportunities over the next couple of years. People may not want to pay the renewal fees as they need cash-in-hand to cover the cost of living increase. Potentially a very lucrative investment opportunity if you manage to get any desirable LLLL.com.

  11. Geo Domain Investor


    As an experienced generic keyword and geo domain investor, I enjoyed reading your post on LLLL.coms. Because of reduced relevancy and smaller target market, I have refrained from investing in this niche. However, if prices are indeed going down I might start diversifying a bit. Dollar Cost Averaging is not a concern of mine since over 99% of my portfolio are direct registrations.

    Thanks again for the information.

    Jay Lohmann

  12. the noob Post author

    dollar dude- unrelated? i don’t see my pics of hot celebs to be unrelated to making money online. They make a lot of money online. The internet makes them more famous. Also, it is a dream of mind to make a lot of money online and ditch my wife for one of these hollywood starlets. 😉 (just kidding wife)

    eduardo- you’re very welcome

    blackhatseo- thanks, i write pretty damn often tho. if i wrote more often, i’d have to fulltime bloggernoob. no way i’m doing that.

    dean saliba- you are correct sir. that and my belief that hot chicks are drawn to money. hence the reason why i want to make a lot of money online. 😉

    bsawards- 80 ain’t too shabby. good point. different from real estate cause you can create more extensions. but as we have learned with the failed .travel, .mobi, .pro, .info domains, dot com is king. and all the good dot coms have already been taken. and a lot of money has been spent to build up the dot com brand. i don’t see it changing in the next decade. 😉

    kushmoney- 400 domain? that’s quite a collection. i’m trying to sell of a lot of mine tho. don’t like paying for all of the renewals. gets pretty expensive. just want to hold on to domains that are worth more then $100.

    m dinesh- yeah, maybe u can win one of my LLLL.com domains 😉

    helen- exactly. i think letter combination is the key. domainers talk about Premium letters, but i think the real money is in finding the enduser. It’s about brandable domains. XQZY.com isn’t a good investment. If you can find it for less then $25 then u could pick it up and it’s ok. But if you buy something like JUSF.com which is totally brandable and semi pronouncable, it’s a great investment.

    Chiq- yup. what do u think about XTAY.com and XVEG.com. Just picked them up a few weeks ago. 😉

    Geo domain investor- Thanks a lot. Coming from an experienced domainer, that means a lot. I’m a noob at this game, but been reading up big time on it. Let me in on your secret for direct regs. U must be good at snagging dropped domains. Geo domains are cool. I live in chicago and was close to buying a ticket to the geo convention they hast this month. Didn’t want to fork over 14 hundred tho.

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  14. Keral Patel

    I have already invested heavily in LLLL.com back in 2004 and 2005. I am having a relaxation time right now. Will have to wait for some more years and then it will be a good return.

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  16. Jeff Paul Scam

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