Let your personality show

selfportrait.jpgThere are millions of blogs in the world. If you count myspace and facebook pages, there are probably billions of blogs. How do you stand out? It’s not by creating stellar content or SEO tricks. It’s by showcasing your personality. Let your personality show in your blog posts. Write articles that reveal things about your personality. Tell a funny story. State your opinions about stuff. Talk about your past.

Readers want you to get personal. Why? Cause it’s more interesting. Look at televised Olympics coverage. They have those story pieces of individual athletes. They need to create this drama so you’ll care about the event. If they didn’t, it would be pretty boring. I wouldn’t know who to root for. I wouldn’t care as much. It’s basic Hollywood screen writing. Create drama, characters, good buy bad guy, etc. If you don’t have a story to tell, make one up. Even if you’re blog has the greatest info available, people won’t read it if it’s boring. Getting personal and telling the reader about yourself makes your blog interesting and unique. I wrote about purchasing my first house about a month ago. That post is one of my post popular articles. It got a lot of comments too. Tell people about you. That’s why creating a good abouts page is so crucial.